Outline Analysis of the Books of the Bible

By Barnard C. Taylor



1. AUTHOR. — Obadiah: Nothing is known of him aside from his book.

2. DATE. — Different views are held regarding this; 890–880 B. C., probably is the date to be preferred.

3. PLACE. — The prophecy belongs to the kingdom of Judah, although the entire Israelitish nation is contemplated.

4. HISTORICAL OCCASION. — If the date named is correct, the prophecy was written at the time the Edomites showed hostility toward Judah on the occasion of the invasion by the Philistines and Arabians. (See 2 Chron. 21:16, 17.)

5. LEADING TOPIC. — The destruction of Edom because of his unbrotherly conduct toward Judah.

6. CHIEF PURPOSE. — To assure God's people that the triumph of their enemies would be but transient; that he would deliver them from their enemies and establish them in their possessions.


(a) Edom to be destroyed, Ver. 1-9.

(b) Reason for its punishment, Ver. 10–14.

(c) Repeated threat, Ver. 15, 16.

(d) Deliverance and triumph of Zion, Ver. 17-21.

8. POINTS OF ESPECIAL INTEREST. — Edom's imagined security in the rock city; wise men of Teman; deliverance in Zion; the kingdom belongs to Jehovah.

9. SPECIAL SINS CONDEMNED. — Of the Gen tiles: Edom's hostility to God's people.

10. NATIONAL HOPES PRESENTED. — Israel to occupy its possessions; to be released from captivity; to triumph over its enemies.

11. MESSIANIC IDEAS. — The dominion of Jehovah, and the subjection of his enemies would be fully realized only in the Messianic times.

12. RELATION TO OTHER O. T. BOOKS. — It gives the key to those prophets that treat of the punishment of Edom,-Joel, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, — and for the first time uses the expression “day of Jehovah,” which furnishes the theme for much of later prophecy. Its central thought, the kingdom of God, is developed by later prophets.

13. TOPICS FOR SPECIAL STUDY. — The history of the Edomites; the different invasions of Judah