Outline Analysis of the Books of the Bible

By Barnard C. Taylor



1. AUTHOR. — Amos, a native of Tekoah, a shepherd, and gatherer of sycamore fruit not of the prophetic order.

2. DATE. — While Uzziah was king of Judah, and Jeroboam II was king of Israel, 810– 783 B. C.

3. PLACE. — Though from the kingdom of Judah, Amos prophesied at Bethel against the kingdom of Israel.

4. HISTORICAL OCCASION. — At a time when the Israelites were relying upon their own power for defense from their enemies, and when there was great wickedness prevailing among them, they having turned from Jehovah, and become sunk in deepest sins.

5. LEADING TOPIC. — Condemnation of Israel for their sins, especially idolatry and oppression.

6. CHIEF PURPOSE. — Amos was sent to re prove and condemn; to show that God would punish, not the heathen only, but the Israelites themselves, if they persisted in their sins against him. Joel had declared that the “day of Jehovah” was coming, when the nations that opposed God would be punished; Amos shows that the chosen people would not escape such punishment.


Part I. Introductory, threatening with punishment, Ch. 1, 2.

Part II. Special charges, and assurance of punishment, Ch. 3-6.

(a) Judgment certain, Ch. 3.

(b) Past punishments had failed; a greater - must come, Ch. 4.

(c) Sins recounted; captivity to come, Ch. 5.

(d) Luxury, vice, to be terribly punished, Ch, 6.

Part III. Visions indicating destruction, Ch. 7-9:10.

(a) Israel's overthrow sure, Ch. 7.

(b) Israel's destruction near, Ch. 8.

(c) Temple at Bethel to be destroyed, Ch. 9:1-10.

Part IV. Kingdom of David to be restored with prosperity, Ch. 9:11-15.

8. POINTS OF ESPECIAL INTEREST. – Vanity of religious forms; luxury of the Israelites; a time of famine of God's word; the destruction of Israel sure.

9. SPECIAL SINS CONDEMNED. — Of the Israelites: Idolatry, despising Jehovah, oppression, cheating, robbing, perverting justice. Of the Gentiles: Oppression, violence, treachery -- immorality in general.

10. NATIONAL HOPES PRESENTED. — House of David to be restored; waste places to be built.

11. MESSIANIC IDEAS. — The rule of David involved the dominion of the Messiah.

12. RELATION TO OTHER O. T. BOOKS. — Amos carries on the teaching of Joel, but shows that the punishments will not be restricted to the Gentiles. He is quoted by later prophets, especially Hosea and Jeremiah.

13. TOPICS FOR SPECIAL STUDY. — Character of the worship at Bethel; the prophetic order; the relation between the kingdom of Judah and that of Israel.