What's New for 2022


April 2022

04-12-2022 - I updated the following Book

The Life of the Lord Jesus Christ - Volume 01 By J. P. Lange (book 666) This one took awhile. 64 webpages all with Greek and some Hebrew. Only 3 more volumes to go.

March 2022

03-09-2022 - I updated the following Book

The Epistle to the Romans By Charles R Erdman (book 665)

February 2022

02-08-2022 - I was asked by the Owners of THE CHURCHMAN Magazine to remove the following Articles due to Copyright

Biblical Authority and the Concept of Inerrancy by Leon Morris

The Authority of the Bible Today  by Leon Morris

January 2022

01-12-2022 - I updated the following Book

The Pastoral Epistles of Paul By Charles R Erdman (book 664)

01-11-2022 - I updated the following Book

The Spirit of Christ By Charles R Erdman (book 663)

01-10-2022 - I added the Pages

On the Date of the Crucifixion - Part 1 & 2 By Rev. Arthur Wright - Even though I spent hours converting these two documents, I removed these two pages because when I got to the third part, the author proved himself to be a Bible rejecting pagan so-called Liberal Christian who denied the inerrancy of Scripture. He goes on to try and prove that Mark's Gospel isn't scripture. The demoniac Julius Wellhausen sure infected the church with the doctrine of demons. When I went to Spring Arbor College, I had this crap (and that is what it is) shoved down my gullet. It is one thing to ask the question wither Luke used Mark's Gospel and the Logos (the original Hebrew copy of Matthew's Gospel) as the outline for his Gospel it is quit another to say Moses didn't write the Pentateuch or that Mark's Gospel is not Scripture! If you reject the handbook of your salvation, you have no salvation, NO ONE WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT GUIDING THEM WOULD SPEND A SECOND REJECTING ANY PART OF THE BIBLE. Rev Arthur Wright, I declare you a HERETIC---- Rant over

01-09-2022 - I added the Page

The First Written Gospel By Lester Bradner, Jr.

The Successors of Ezra the Scribe By George S. Goodspeed

01-08-2022 - I added the Page

The Teachings of Jesus and the Teachings of the Jews in the Time of Christ Respecting the Messiah and His Kingdom By Professor Hugh M. Scott