Outline Analysis of the Books of the Bible

By Barnard C. Taylor



1. AUTHOR. — Hosea, of whom nothing is known apart from the book which bears his name.

2. DATE. — About 790–725 B. C., according to the common chronology.

3. PLACE. — He belonged to the kingdom of Israel; he probably delivered most of his addresses in Samaria.

4. HISTORICAL OCCASION. – At the time of the temporary prosperity under King Jeroboam II., and the rapid decline of the kingdom under his successors, when the Israelites were sunken in sin, having forsaken Jehovah and committed all kinds of iniquity. The end of the Northern kingdom was near when Hosea delivered his message.

5. LEADING TOPIC. — The apostasy of Israel, which had departed from Jehovah like a faithless wife, is condemned, and the great love of God for his people in spite of their sin is assured, with the promise of restoration after punishment.

6. CHIEF PURPOSE. — To show the great love of God for his people, which could not be turned aside by their persistent sins against him; that he would take them to his love and care again, and forget their transgressions.


Part I. Israel's apostasy and God's love symbolized by the prophet's marriage, Ch. 1-3.

Part II. Threatening and exhortation, Ch. 4–14.

[Any subdivision of this part is unsatisfactory; the following topics, however, may be recognized: Idolatry condemned; judgment sure and terrible; Israel deserves destruction; restoration possible because of God's love.]

8. POINTS OF ESPECIAL INTEREST. — Idolatry and immorality of Israel; vain reliance upon foreign powers; obedience desired more than sacrifice; captivity threatened; God's great love.

9. SPECIAL SINS CONDEMNED. — Rejecting Jehovah; faithlessness to him; swearing, lying, killing

10. NATIONAL HOPES PRESENTED. — Restored as a wife; revived as a nation; prosperous like a vine or thrifty olive.

11. MESSIANIC IDEAS. — The restoration of Israel included the work that Christ would do among men; he was the king who was to rule God's people.

12. RELATION TO OTHER O. T. BOOKS. — In the sins condemned it is closely related to Amos. It was written at a time when the downfall of Israel was certain. Its promise of restoration to the nation was developed at a later time as involving simply a faithful remnant.

13. TOPICS FOR SPECIAL STUDY. — The different dynasties that ruled in Israel; the reign of Jeroboam.