Outline Analysis of the Books of the Bible

By Barnard C. Taylor



1. AUTHOR. — Jeremiah.

2. DATE. — 586 B. C., just after Jerusalem fell,

3. LITERARY CHARACTER. — In the Hebrew written in the form of poetical acrostics (except Ch. 5), probably that it might be easily remembered.

4. LEADING TOPIC. — The sad calamity that had befallen God's people.

5. CHIEF PURPOSE. — To show how completely predictions of the destruction of Jerusalem were fulfilled, and the grief that filled the heart of Jeremiah, the prophet of Jehovah, because of this punishment.


(a) The wretched condition of Jerusalem, Ch. 1.

(b) A punishment from Jehovah, Ch. 2.

(c) Jeremiah's personal suffering, Ch. 3.

(d) The nation punished for sin, Ch. 4.

(e) Jehovah asked to remember Zion, Ch. 5.

7. RELATION 10 OTHER O. T. BOOKS. — Closely related to the prophecy of Jeremiah, showing how the the predictions there recorded were fulfilled, and to all the former prophets who had fore told Judah's overthrow; to the Pentateuch, which foretold that punishment would follow sin. It is a confession that God's people deserved what they suffered.

8. FACTS TO BE NOTED. — We find here vivid descriptions of the condition of Jerusalem during the siege.