Outline Analysis of the Books of the Bible

By Barnard C. Taylor



1. AUTHOR. — Nehemiah, though some suppose that parts of the book were written by some one else.

2. DATE. — Probably about 430- B. C.

3. HISTORICAL OCCASION. — At the time that Nehemiah had fortified the city of Jerusalem and had induced the people to promise a faithful observance of the laws of Jehovah,

4. LEADING TOPICS. — Nehemiah's rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, making the people covenant to keep the laws, arranging to have Jerusalem inhabited, and correcting certain evils.

CHIEF PURPOSE. — To show how the promise of God was fulfilled, that Jerusalem should be rebuilt; how, by the solemn reading of the law, the tendency of the Jews to repeat the sins that had caused their fathers to be punished was checked. The book shows how the national life was resumed after the Israelites had been restored to their land.


Part I. The rebuilding of the walls, Ch. 1-7.

(a) Nehemiah permitted to go to Jerusalem by King Artaxerxes, Ch. 1, 2.

(b) The work on the walls, and its hindrance, Ch. 3-7.

Part II. The covenant to keep the law, Ch. 8-10.

(a) The Law read, Ch 8.

(b) Confession made, Ch. 9.

(c) A covenant made, Ch. 10.

Part III. Dedication of the walls, and Nehemiah's reforms, Ch. 11-13.

(a) Those who dwelt in the city, Ch. 11-12:26.

(b) Dedication of the walls, Ch.12:27-47.

(c) Evils corrected, Ch. 13.

7. POINTS OF ESPECIAL INTEREST. — Manner of building the walls; opposition by the Samaritans; usury among the Jews; reading of the law; confession of former sins; arrangement for re-peopling Jerusalem; observance of the Sabbath.

8. RELATION TO OTHER O. T. BOOKS. — It's general position is very similar to that of Ezra, which it supplements. Ezra shows the resumption of the religious life, Nehemiah that of the political life, which the prophets had foretold.

9. MESSIANIC IDEAS. — No specific ones obtain; but the re-establishment of God's people, though opposed by enemies, foreshadowed the triumph of the kingdom of God, and prepared the way for it.

10. TOPICS FOR SPECIAL STUDY. –The relation between the Jews and the Samaritans; the estimate of the Law at this time; the position of the priests and Levites in national affairs.