What Was New in 2005

December 2005

12-30-2005 - Updated Family pages for Benjamin Bowman & James Jackson Bowman

12-29-2005 - Added a Bible Atlas to the Bible Section &  The Dishonest Reporter "Award" 2005  to the Political Section

12-28-2005 - Added a Unknown Old Family Photos Page to the Family Tree & The Simple Truth from my Old Tool Box

12-27-2005 - Updated the Blair Hastings Custer, Bertha Bell Bowman, Ida Grace Custer & Bertha Francis George Pages of the Family Tree Section

12-26-2005 - Added the Custer Side to the Family Tree Page

12-25-2005 - Added Cross Stitch Photos & Updated Miscellaneous Photos on  the Photo Page

12-24-2005 - Presentation of latest The Steamy & Stinky Award

12-22-2005 - Added pages of Islam & Unity School of Christianity to the Cults Page

12-21-2005 - Updated the Politics Page & the newest The Steamy & Stinky Award

12-14-2005 - Revamped the Photo Page

12-16-2005 - Updated the Politics Page

12-14-2005 - Revamped the Politics Page

12-13-2005 - presentation of latest The Steamy & Stinky Award

12-09-2005 - Added Paul Harvey and PrayerUN Ceremony Includes Map of ´Palestine´ in Place of Israel & Started the first presentation of The Steamy & Stinky Award

12-07-2005 - Updated the Links Page & the Biblical Languages Page

12-06-2005 - Revamped all of the Bible Pages & Added Hebrew Cross Stitch Letters, The Hebrew Aleph Bet & The Greek Alphabet

12-01-2005 - Added Why I Abstain, Genealogical Table of Abraham’s Family, Wine in the New Testament & Wine-Drinking in New Testament Times

November 2005

11-24-2005 - Added The 12 Tribes Marching & Encamped & The Christology of the Tabernacle

11-23-2005 - Added David's Family Tree, Updated Family Tree, The Twelve Tribes of Israel & The Jewish Calendar

11-22-2005 - Added The Church & Religions Family Tree, Timeline of American Methodistism, Timeline of the Free Methodist Church & America's Unchristian Beginnings?

11-20-2005 - Added Bowman line to the Family Tree Page

11-19-2005 - Added A Comparison of  the Psalms in the Protestant and Catholic Bibles, Classification of the Psalms, The Office of Prophet in the Old Testament, A Comparison of The Ancient of Days and The Son of Man, The Later Seleucids, The Hasmonean Dynasty & Seleucid and Ptolemaic Empires

11-15-2005 - Added The ΙΧΘΥΣ (FISH), The Seven Churches of Revelation, Trials & Temptation in the Book of James, Jesus Is Seen In Every Book of the Bible, Qumran Manuscripts of the Books of the Old Testament & Images from Ephesus

 11-14-2005 - Added The Holy Spirit, The Work of the Holy Spirit in Salvation, Titles of the Holy Spirit, The Son from the Free Methodist Book of Discipline & The Holy Spirit from the Free Methodist Book of Discipline

11-12-2005 - Added Christological Heresies, The Two Natures of Jesus, The Union of Deity and Humanity in the Person of Jesus, False Views of the Person of Jesus, Jesus, Christians & Humans Compared & 100 Truths About Jesus

11-07-2005 - Added What is meant by "The Trinity" & Proof of the Trinity

11-02-2005 - Added Rick's Personal WebPage

October 2005

10-31-2005 - Added The Babylonian Talmud Volume I & The Babylonian Talmud Volume II by Michael L. Rodkinson

10-09-2005 - Updated the Links Page

10-05-2005 - Added Patriarchal Timeline from Adam through Isaac, Kinsman-Redeemer,  The Levite Towns Through-out Israel, The 12 Judges Of Israel About God, & Timeline of the Flood

10-04-2005 - Added The 613 Commands in the Old Testament, The Bible: The Word Of God, Chorology of Important New Testament Manuscripts, The Works of Early Jewish Scribes & Copyists, Old Testament Pseudepigrapha, Non-Biblical Books Mentioned in the Bible, Quotes of Seeing Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat & Genealogical Table of Abraham’s Family

10-03-2005 - Added The Books of the Old Testament & The Books of the New Testament

September 2005

09-30-2005 - Added The Clinton Legacy

09-28-2005 - Updated the Links Page

09-27-2005 - Added The Real American War Statistics

09-23-2005 - Added Why I'm ashamed to be a Californian page to the politics page

09-23-2005 - This Page

09-21-2005 - Added Allen, Hall & Swartzentrover lines to the family tree

09-15-2005 - Everything is new (Website Started)

Not all links will be active because I have added and removed some sections of the WebSite