Cross Stitch Photos

People always ask me why I do counted cross stitch. Well the answer is simple, I find it very relaxing. I first started to cross stitch after trying to buy some country cross stitch for my house & finding that most of them were way to expensive for my budget. After looking at them for a while, I said to myself, "you could do that" & so I did. While making my first cross stitch for a friends birthday, I found that I enjoyed the relaxed feeling as well as the time to think & pray. I have made more cross stitch works but most of them were made as gifts for others. I found another great advantage for a guy doing cross stitch, when I used to fly more & ride the train up the Santa Barbara, people tended to leave me alone because they had no clue what to make of it. So for me, it's a win/win hobby, I save money, they make great gifts & I don't have to talk to guy that smells like cheese next to me on the plane.

Jesus is Lord
Blackwork pattern
I made this to hang in my office
Blackwork used to frame photos
Blackwork used to frame photos
Just something silly
Holiness my favorite Discipline
My Favorite Verse
Holiness my favorite Discipline
Bow Kit - Left Leg
Store bought Bow Kit
Bow Kit - Right Leg