The Surname of Custer

Custer Coat of Arms  (Dutch)*


Custer Coat of Arms (English)*

A Coster Coat of Arms (Dutch)*


A Coster Coat of Arms (German)*


A Coster Coat of Arms (English)*


Custer -  America

Americanized spelling of German Köster or Küster ‘sexton’ (see Kuster). English: variant of Coster.

Kuster (also Küster or Köster) - German

The name Kuster is a status name for a sexton or churchwarden, Middle High German kuster (Late Latin custor ‘guard’, ‘warden’). The umlaut of the modern form is due to association with other agent nouns in -er, from Old High German -ari (Latin -arius).

Kušter - Slovenian

The name Kušter is a nickname for a person with disheveled hair, from kušter ‘tuft of hair’, ‘towhead’.

Coster - English

The name Coster is a metonymic occupational name for a grower or seller of costards (Anglo-Norman French, from coste ‘rib’), a variety of large apples, so called for their prominent ribs. In some cases, it may have been a nickname (from the same word) for a person with an apple-shaped (i.e. round) head.

Coster - Dutch

The name Coster is a status name for a churchwarden, from Late Latin custor ‘guard’, ‘warden’. Variant spelling of German Koster.

Partly taken from:
Dictionary of American Family Names,
Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

* Coat of Arms belonged to families and/or individual persons. People with the Surname of Custer came from England, Germany, the Netherlands & many other places. Custer from a different countries would have a different Coat of Arms.

The Custer family members listed in the U.S. Census for the State of Pennsylvania, Cambria County


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