The Other Side Of Sanctification

By Evangelist B. N. Wire


Thousands have been helped in their Christian experience by these messages as delivered by Rev. B. N. Wire in various parts of the United States and Canada and now that he is putting them in permanent form they will become available to thousands more who need the spiritual assistance which may be found here.

Young people especially are sorely troubled by the looseness of holiness teaching which they many times receive and on the other hand thrown into confusion by the fury of the temptations which the human element makes inevitable. The author is true not only to old time Wesleyan theology but is also sympathetically true to human experience which makes his writing such a rich source of enlightenment to those who find themselves the object of Satanic attack.

If a copy of this volume could be placed in the hands of all young converts it would go far towards leading them into heart purity and assuring them continuous victory in that rich experience.

The reading and study of this book, will, we feel certain, save many a soul from defeat, bring steadiness and poise to Christian living and help create a company of spiritual unconquerable.

B. H. Pearson
PS: Dr. B. H. Pearson, author of several books, one time General Secretary of the Free Methodist Youth Movement, later Missionary to South America and President of the National Holiness Bible College there. He is now retired.