The Other Side Of Sanctification

By Evangelist B. N. Wire


     I believe most of us will agree that Satan has won his greatest victories over the Christian Church across the centuries in getting it to take a wrong perspective of Pentecost or Christian Holiness. It seems easy for us to see the error of Catholicism in putting sanctification in purgatory after death; and Calvinism in placing this great experience at death. We also know that there Is no evidence m or out of the Bible that men grow into the grace of heart holiness after regeneration. There can be little doubt but that these false perceptions of Pentecost have sent millions into a dark eternity.

     But what about the evidence all about us to the effect that we, the holiness denominations, have also been off balance concerning this potential doctrine of the New Testament and the Christian faith. While others have practically denied the possibility of holiness in this life, we in a sense have perpetuated the opposite error. In our sincere endeavor to exalt we have exaggerated holiness. We have not exaggerated it in our statement of doctrine, but when we preach mostly on what holiness is and does for the heart and life of man and neglect to clarify what it does not do, we leave a false or exaggerated emphasis. In this sense and to a real degree we are fanatics when we preach holiness as if it solved all our problems and hence leave the impression that sanctification is practice ally an end in itself.

     "Saved and Sanctified" has been too often the beginning and the end of our preaching. This, I believe, accounts in a large measure for the fact that we loose about eight out of ten of those that pray through at our altars to the world or other churches. Thousands, I believe, as sincere as you and I have prayed through but have lost their faith in holiness because they were not warned or taught of the coming conflict with Satan after sanctification. We have been hesitant to acknowledge this battle ground. God grant us an awakening! We must have a better program after Pentecost. Why not more classes in our colleges and seminaries to prepare our preachers to answer the questions, help solve the problems and generally aid in the growth and progress of the sanctified? Why do many keep on acting and preaching as if all our problems are solved if we get people sanctified when we know better?

     The messages of the following pages, I have discovered across forty years of my own personal spiritual battles and in my endeavor to help others under my care, find the answer to their problems. I count not myself to have comprehended or exhausted the field. However, thousands of the older saints, as well as the youth, in my revival services across the nation have rejoiced over these truths and shown a great hunger for such preaching. Over 3000 have written or asked me personally to please put these messages in print. It is our prayer that this series of messages will not only help thousands personally in their spiritual problems, but we pray that God will put it upon the hearts of those with greater ability, vision and authority to see to it that all our ministers have more thorough training in those truths that will give our churches more of a program after Pentecost. We feel certain that much of the vacillation among us is due to our making holiness too much an end in itself and hence failing to teach and feed and lead the saints beyond and after Pentecost.

Meaning Of The Title

     We take the title "The Other Side of Sanctification" for two reasons. First, to show what sanctification does not do for the Christian (or what is left after heart purity that not only makes temptation possible but sure and even purposeful). Second, to show the main problems to be solved and the peculiar temptations which are to be endured and overcome by the sanctified.