The Other Side Of Sanctification

By Evangelist B. N. Wire

Comments On These Messages


I preached 40 years but never could help others on the question of Differences between the Carnal and the Human. Today you cleared that up for me.

Retired Pilgrim Holiness Minister Columbus, Indiana

If I could have heard these messages when a young Christian, how much more joyful and less frustrating my life would have been.

Elsie Aker, Bethany, Oklahoma

Chapters I and IV are worth a thousand times the price of the whole Book.

H. B. L., Young Pastor

I have been over the same road of mental agony and struggle. How much sooner would I have learned my lesson If I had had such helps as these.

Evangelist, Colorado

My husband says that maybe your illness was in God's plan so that more people could hear your practical messages in print.

Evangelist Neta Snlellenberger Loveland, Colorado

I was Sanctified tonight while you preached. You answered the question that had blocked my faith for so long.

R. E. J., Plymouth, Iowa

I could have done a much better job preaching Holiness if I had heard this truth 40 years ago. I surely messed a lot of things up. It's a wonder the seekers came out as well as they did.

Retired Minister, Texas

I heard you preach some of these truths 35 years ago. Many of us urged they be printed then. Why all this delay?

It's too long a story to answer this question here.

B. N. Wire