The Other Side Of Sanctification

By Evangelist B. N. Wire

About The Author

Evangelist B. N. Wire has spent over 40 years preaching holiness from coast to coast in America, in Canada and other parts of the world. Converted at the age of eight, later called to preach, he began his ministry at age seventeen. He just closed 46 years of ministry - sixteen years as evangelist and thirty years as pastor. He has seen thousands of souls seek salvation and sanctification at his altars and has helped to organize twelve new churches.

God has given Rev. Wire some very unusual messages on Sanctification for both the young and the old. He answers the questions on temptations after sanctification that has often been neglected. His emphasis on holiness as more properly associated with youth than adulthood or old age, is most refreshing. Now that he has retired (doctor's orders due to a chronic heart condition) he hopes to give most of his limited energy to writing.

If these messages help you, recommend our book to your friends, especially to our youth and to those young in the Christian way. Any pastor or youth group who order as many as ten at a time may have them at cost, plus postage. Help spread true holiness by the printed page!