Hiking Photos

Almansor Park 9


M = Male F = Female J = Juvenile (1st Year)
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Wood Duck F Wood Duck J Wood Duck J
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Crested Buff Orpington Duck
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Mallard Duck F Mallard Duck J Mallard Duck J
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These three I call "The Three Stooges". They are always together & love to bully the other smaller ducks. I half expect them to start hitting each over the head with hammers some day. It's too bad that the Buff Orpington Duck above wasn't one of the three because he would make a great Larry.

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A 7 Turtle Pileup Bull Frog Bull Frog
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Wood Duck J Wood Duck J Wood Duck J
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Wood Duck J Wood Duck J Wood Duck J
IMGP7714.JPG (642272 bytes)
Yawning Turtle


Almansor Park

800 S. Almansor Ave.

Alhambra, California

(626) 570-5052