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Almansor Baby American Coot 1


American Coot Changing of the Guard
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Coots mate for life & each take turns on the eggs. Here are some photos of them changing jobs. The sexes look alike so I can't tell which is the male & which is the female.


Here is a Movable GIF of the above Coot Photos so you can see the changing of the guard. you can click on the photo & see the same Movable GIF in 1000 X 665 Pixels.
1 Day after Hatching
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The "Off Duty" Parent


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The "On Duty" Parent


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No that isn't a Coot Hemorrhoid, that is a 1 day old Coot chick resting in moms (?) shade


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Shift Change on the nest. You can just make out the little red bald head of the baby Coot. Coots are hatched naked


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The Afternoon Shift is in place. I believe this one is the father (Coots sexes look similar) because the one that just got off the nest was very aggressive to the duck that were too close to the island & moms tend to be more aggressive with their chicks


3 Days after Hatching
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Mamma Shading Baby


  Mamma Cleaning Up


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Mamma needs a drink & Baby cant be to far behind


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Mamma Calls Daddy


Where have you been? Do you know how long I've been on that nest?


Are you my Daddy?


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Feeding Time


Home Alone


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Oh Oh Mom's home & Dad's not on the nest


I leave for 5 seconds & here you are out fighting with the duck next door instead of watching the baby


While Mom & Dads away, the kids always love to play in the water


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While Mom & Dads away, the kids always love to play in the water

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