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Almansor Park 28


Cassin's Kingbird
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These babies are almost full grown but the parent was still feeing them
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Cliff Swallow
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House Sparrow
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Mystery Duck???

I have been watching this duck/duckling for a while now. It's mother is a Pekin & I thought it's father was a crested mallard but from the face markings & dark bill,  it seems to be a Pekin/Garganey hybrid & yet her wingtips have the mallard markings. The mystery continues.

The crest is formed from a mass of fatty tissue that emerges through a gap in the cranium.( skull) From this, feathers grow. Crests vary from centrally placed, full crests, rather like powder puffs, to knobbly protuberances with just a few feathers; or the occasional earring when it has 'slipped'. The crested gene can be bred into any breed except Muscovy as one parent crested will breed a percentage of crested offspring .All crested seldom breed successfully but if they do produce better stock.

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Isn't she just gorgeous? I love her facial markings, it almost looks like she is wearing blush

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Rock Pigeons

I saw this rock pigeon in the Bar-B-Q. He was coo'n up a storm. At first I thought he was sick, then I thought he was "love sick". The other male popped in to say hi & peck him on the beak & then they both flew off with the rest of the flock

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Almansor Park

800 S. Almansor Ave.

Alhambra, California

(626) 570-5052