Hiking Photos

Almansor Park 12


Juvenile Cooper's Hawk
This Cooper's Hawk was to far away for my camera so the photos are not clear & maybe I shouldn't have taken the photos but then how often does one see a Hawk in the middle of Alhambra California?
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Photos taken 08/21-2008 IMGP9328.JPG (168780 bytes)


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Above photos taken 08/29/2008


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The same Cooper's Hawk with his adult dark back & now his eyes have turned from yellow to the adult red. Photos taken 10/07/2008 IMGP1816.JPG (915996 bytes)


Juvenile Mandarin Ducks

I think that these Ducks are quickly becoming my favorites. The female eyes are just gorgeous. I never knew ducks love peanuts. These ones will stick around for hours as I crack nuts for them. One of the females ducks has a hurt leg so she gets extra peanuts.

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Juvenile Female Ducks

The females have longer  nape feather that start from the back of the head & have a brown/black bill

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Juvenile Male Duck

The males have longer  nape feather that start from the cheeks & have a orange bill

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Befriended Rock Pigeon

I have also been befriended by a few Rock pigeons who will fly unto my fist & let me feed them peanuts.

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Almansor Park

800 S. Almansor Ave.

Alhambra, California

(626) 570-5052