The Life, Public Services and State Papers of Abraham Lincoln

By Henry J. Raymond

Official Announcements



SPECIAL ORDERS.-- Vice-Admiral D. G. Farragut and Rear-Admiral William B. Shubrick have been designated to make the necessary arrangements. on the part of the Navy and Marine Corps for attending, on Wednesday next, the funeral of the late President of the United States.

GIDEON WELLS, Secretary of the Navy.


SPECIAL ORDERS.--Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps will assemble at the Navy Department, in uniform, at 10 o'clock A. M., on Wednesday next, for the purpose of attending the funeral of the late President of the United States.

GIDEON WELLES, Secretary of the Navy.


SPECIAL ORDER.--BY order of the President of the United States, the Navy Department will be closed on Wednesday next, the day of the funeral solemnities of the late President of the United States. Labor will also be suspended on that day at each of the navy-yards and navy stations, and upon all the vessels of the United States. The flags of all vessels and at all navy-yards and stations and marine barracks will be kept at half-mast during the day, and at 12 o'clock, meridian, twenty-one minute-guns will be fired by the senior officer of each squadron and he commandants of each of the navy-yards and stations.

GIDEON WELLES, Secretary of the Navy.



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