Pungent Truths

By William B. Rose


Topics Beginning with "Y"

636 -- YIELDING Spirit

     A touchy spirit that can not bear criticism or contradiction, is not the Spirit of Christ. We are all liable to mistakes. No one is perfect in knowledge, or in judgment. But the greatest mistake that any man, young or old, can make, is to assume, or to act upon the assumption. that he is infallible. Suppose some one does disagree with you. That is not conclusive -- may, it is not always even presumptive evidence that he is wrong. If it is a father or mother, or some one whose means of information on the subject are much better than your own, the presumption is quite likely to be the other way. Before you say or do anything rash, you had better look the ground over, and see if they may not be right, and you wrong. Admit in your own mind the possibility, at the outset. If you find you are Wrong. have the frankness to confess it. To give up our own wills, and our own opinions, when we should, is a most valuable means of grace. To principle we should be unwavering in our allegiance. For no consideration should we deviate in the least from the purity of the gospel. But when questions of means and measures come up, we should be ready to yield our own opinions to the judgment of others who are equally interested with us, and some of whom, at least, are as competent as ourselves to give a sound opinion on the matter.