Pungent Truths

By William B. Rose


Topics Beginning with "V"


     Veracity is one of the cardinal virtues. Christianity requires of its adherents supreme allegiance to truth. The only instance in which the apostles used their miraculous powers for the injury of others was when a man and his wife were struck dead for lying. "All liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone" (Rev. 21:8). This includes religious liars, liars in the church, liars in the pulpit. We have been shocked to see some who profess the highest state of grace appear incapable of stating correctly something with which they did not agree. Where this is done in reporting what one hears there may be some excuse; but what possible excuse can there be when one has a written or printed statement before him? Let us see to it that we have the truth in the inward parts. This God desires.

* * * * * * *

611 -- VICTORIOUS LIFE Brings Triumphant Death

     If you would die a triumphant death, you must have victory in life. He who conquers the devil, and sin in all its forms, has nothing to fear from death.

     John Knox had a stormy time through life. But he never quailed at all the terrors which popery could inflict. He never made a compromise with principle. "Few men were ever exposed to more dangers, or underwent such hardships." He was imprisoned; he was banished; he lived for several years an outlaw; but he died in peace, in the sixty-seventh year of his age.

     When he saw that his end was come, he ordered his coffin made. He prayed, "Come, Lord Jesus. Into thy hands I commend my spirit. Be merciful, Lord, to thy church which thou hast redeemed. Give peace to this afflicted commonwealth. Raise up faithful pastors who will take charge of thy church. Grant us, Lord, the perfect hatred of sin, by the evidence both of thy wrath and mercy."

     To friends at his bedside he exclaimed in rapture, "I have been these last two nights in meditation on the troubled state of the church of God, the spouse of Jesus Christ, despised of the world but precious in the sight of God. I have called to God for her, and have committed her to her head, Jesus Christ. I have fought against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places and have prevailed. I have been in heaven and have possession. I have tasted of the heavenly joys where presently I am."

     He died without a struggle. As he was laid in the grave the regent said: "THESE LIES HE WHO NEVER FEARED THE FACE OF MAN."

* * * * * * *

612 -- VICTORY Over One's Self Important

     If you will fight, then fight yourself. What good will your victories over others do you? They will only add to your pride, that is, add to the probability of your eternal damnation. But a complete victory over yourself will bring present peace and eternal happiness. You may think the conflict will be short; but in most cases it will be a protracted one. The "old man" dies hard. We are too apt to underestimate the strength and persistence of the forces opposed to us.

     Before you take up arms against your brethren who do not think on all subjects as you think they should, get your own pride of opinion, and love of admiration, and selfishness, subdued. This will have a great tendency to make you peaceable towards others.

     "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city."