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Authors with more then one book
Benjamin Titus Roberts Harmon A. Baldwin Wilson T. Hogue
  Elmer Ellsworth Shelhamer  

Authors with single books

TheWORD Original Scans
Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition


The Character of Jesus - Forbidding His Possible Classification With Men

     by Horace Bushnell

The Divided Flame - Wesleyans and the Charismatic Renewal

     by Howard A. Snyder with Danile V. Runyon

The Earnest Christian - The Life & Works of B. T. Roberts

     by C. H. Zahniser

Francis Asbury - Founder of American Methodism

     by George W. Griffith

The Free Methodist Church - A Brief Outline History of its Origin and Development

      by John S. M'Geary


Holiness Teachings - Compiled from the Writings of the Late Rev. B. T. Roberts

      by Benson Howard Roberts

The Life of John Wesley Redfield

     by Joseph Goodwin Terrill

Pungent Truths - Being Extracts from the Writings of the Rev. Benjamin Titus Roberts

     by William B. Rose

Master Workmen - Biographies of the Late Bishops of the Free Methodist Church

     by Richard R. Blews

The Story of Our Church - Free Methodism Some Facts and Some Reasons

     by Carl L. Howland


Books by Rev. Benjamin Titus Roberts

TheWORD Original Scans
  Ordaining Women    
Why Another Sect    

Books by Harmon A. Baldwin

TheWORD Original Scans
  Holiness and the Human Element    
Lessons for Seekers of Holiness    
Objections to Entire Sanctification Considered    
The Carnal Mind    
The Fisherman of Galilee    

Books by Wilson T. Hogue

TheWORD Original Scans
  The First-day Sabbath    
The Class Meeting as a Means of Grace    
History of the Free Methodist Church - Volume I    
History of the Free Methodist Church - Volume II    

Books by Elmer Ellsworth Shelhamer

TheWORD Original Scans
  Bible Holiness - How Obtained and How Retained    
Heart Talks - To Ministers and Christian Workers    
Sixty Years of Thorns & Roses    
The Progressive Life or The Seven Overcomeths    
How We Escaped    
How to Train and Save Your Children    
Incidents in Travel and Soul Winning