Pungent Truths

By William B. Rose



     In compiling this volume the aim has been to present the pointed truths contained in the briefer editorial paragraphs written by the Reverend Benjamin T. Roberts while editor of The Free Methodist.

     The relation which the author sustained to his readers as one of the founders of the church of their choice, and as a spiritual father to many of them. together with the fact that these writings carry the wisdom and experience of one for more than twenty-five years in direct touch with our early denominational history, will make this book of special interest.

     The scope of these editorials is exceedingly broad. The compiler was surprised upon bringing the several paragraphs together to find that though the author had written a number of times upon the same subject, and at various intervals during a period of four years, yet each writing presented some phase of the subject not treated elsewhere.

     In those rare instances where there may seem to be a similarity of thought, or a scripture passage appears a second time, connected with some subject, the reader will. because of the peculiar setting, commend us for leaving the paragraph as originally written.

     Nearly all the titles of subjects have been supplied by the compiler, the original writings having appeared without them. The arrangement of subjects is alphabetical, and that of sub-divisions is designed to be logical and also alphabetical, so far as comports with a logical order. Each paragraph is numbered.

     For convenience, two indexes are provided: one being general, though condensed, and the other analytical, but full, in which both subjects and subdivisions are in alphabetical order. All references are to paragraph numbers.

     "Pungent Truths" is sent forth with the prayer that these words may again be clothed with the spirit in which they were written, and that so the reader may feel the power of "thoughts that breathe and words that burn."

William B. Rose

Chicago, August 17, 1912