The Summarized Bible - Old Testament

By Keith Leroy Brooks



Chiefly for the purpose of stimulating Christians to take up the chapter method of Bible study, this work is compiled. It is designed to act as an aid to the ordinary reader in gathering into a nut-shell, as it were, the definite spiritual lessons for the daily life contained in every chapter of the Bible. Many of the statements contained in the conclusions will be found to be familiar, and the writer does not claim originality throughout the work. The work was compiled largely from notes made in the margins of the author's Bible, kept, for the most part without regard to their sources.

The course through the Bible, chapter by chapter, may well be used as a system of daily devotional reading, and we commend it for that purpose as it gives the Word of God its proper place. The "striking facts" will center the reader's attention upon Jesus Christ, while the " strong verses" may often be taken as promises for the day or as memory verses.

The work is also adapted to be used as a text book for teaching chapter summary work. Members of a class may be required to work out for themselves the points suggested on each chapter. The comparing of their ''leading lessons" will make most interesting class work. The teacher may then read the statements given in the Summarized Bible as a guide to the student. In this connection, we would recommend for the use of students, the chapter summary note book designed by Rev John H. Hunter and published by Biola Book Room, Sixth and Hope Streets, Los Angeles California. This is comprised of blank pages ruled into divisions for "prominent persons"; "best verse"; "leading lesson and "principal subject."

The Summarized Bible will also be found of value as a reference work For the preacher who is in search of Scripture illustrations for his sermons, the "conclusions" will often suggest helpful applications. Many suggestive outlines will be found throughout which may be used as skelatons for sermons. The "striking facts" furnish foundation material for a study of Jesus Christ, as He appears in all the Scriptures.

If this work may be used of God to bring some to apply themselves wholly to the Scriptures and the Scriptures wholly to themselves, we shall feel abundantly repaid for the effort.