The Summarized Bible - Old Testament

By Keith Leroy Brooks

1 Chronicles

Key Thought   Number of Chapters   Key Verse   Christ Seen As:
Temple   29   2 Chron. 15:2  

God's true King

Writer of the Book:   Date:   Conclusion of the Book
Uncertain (Ezra)   About 1000 B. C.   Jehovah is the sovereign Lord blessing the obedient and punishing the disobedient.


Contents: Genealogy: Adam to dukes of Edom. The patriarchal line.

Characters: Adam, Noah, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Esau, Israel.

Conclusion: We are all by nature the seed of Adam. Let us see to it that by faith we become the spiritual children of Abraham. Rom. 4:11-12.

Key Word: Genealogy.


Contents: Genealogy, sons of Judah.

Characters: Jacob, Judah, Boaz, Jesse, David.

Conclusion: The best and most honorable families may have those belonging to them who are black sheep.

Key Word: Genealogy.


Contents: Genealogy of David's line.

Characters: David, Solomon, Rehoboam, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah, Manasseh, Josiah, Zerrubabbel.

Conclusion: Since piety and devotion are not hereditary, it behooves all parents to consecrate their children to God long before they are born and to do their best to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, praying for the coming generations.

Key Word: Genealogy.

Striking Facts: From David's line our Lord came, as regards the flesh, as appears from Lk. 3:31.


Contents: Posterity of Judah and Simeon.

Characters: God, Jabez, Caleb.

Conclusion: If we set ourselves to acknowledge God in all our ways we put ourselves under the divine blessing and protection and will be prospered accordingly, (v. 10).

Key Word: Genealogy. Strong Verse: 10.


Contents: Line of Reuben, Gad, half of Manasseh. Captivity for their sins.

Characters: Reuben, Judah.

Conclusion: In all conflicts we must look up to heaven for strength and it is believing prayer that will be prevailing prayer.

Key Word: Genealogy.

Strong Verses:   20, 22.

Striking Facts: v. 22. If we depend upon a commission from God to wage war upon another country we may depend upon His providence to give success.


Contents: Sons of Levi. Cities of the priests and Levites.

Characters: Gershom, Kohath, Merari, Aaron, Moses and Miriam.

Conclusion: There is always abundance of service to be done by God's children in His house. As everyone has received the gift, therefore let him minister according to all that God has commanded.

Key Word: Genealogy.

Strong Verses:   49.


Contents: Sons of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Manasseh, Ephriamy Asher.

Characters: As above, Joshua.

Conclusion: (v. 22). It is often the burden of those who live to be old that they see their children go before them. It is a brotherly and friendly office on the part of the Christian, to comfort such in their afflictions with the Word of God.

Key Word: Genealogy.

Striking Facts: v. 21. Ephriam had been promised a seed that should become a multitude (Gen. 48:19) and here the promise seems defeated. God's providences many times seem to contradict His promises, but eventually God makes the promise more illustrious by wonderfully fulfilling it.


Contents: Sons of Benjamin. The stock of Saul and Jonathan.

Characters: Ehud, Saul, Jonathan.

Conclusion: (v. 40). It is much to a man's praise that he is qualified to serve his country being mighty in valor, even though not a child of God.

Key Word: Genealogy.


Contents: Record of the Israelites. The charge of certain Levites.

Characters: God, Eleazar, Saul, Jonathan.

Conclusion: God's work is likely to be done well when each knows the duty of his place and makes a business of it. That which is everybody's work in the church will generally be nobody's work.

Key Word: Inhabitants.


Contents: Saul's overthrow and death. Triumph of the Philistines. Saul's sin.

Characters: God, Saul, Jonathan, David.

Conclusion: Those who abandon themselves to the devil's leading will be abandoned by God and their doom will be according to their transgressions.

Key Word: Retribution, v. 13.

Strong Verse: 13.

Striking Facts: v. 6. Those who love their children will avoid sin lest they bring ruin on their children with themselves or entail a curse upon them in later years.


Contents: David becomes King of Israel. Catalog of his mighty men.

Characters: God, David, Joab, Jashobeam, Eleazar, Abishai, Benaiah.

Conclusion: God's counsels will be fulfilled at last, whatever seeming difficulties lie in the way.

Key Word: Annointed (king), v. 3.

Strong Verse: 9.

Striking Facts: v. 10. The honors of Christ's kingdom are prepared for those who fight the good fight of faith and are willing to venture even life itself for Christ's sake.


Contents: David's army at Ziglag. The leaders who made David king.

Characters: Holy Spirit, David, Amasai, Jehoiada.

Conclusion: It is good to take sides with those who take sides with God and have God with them. Let us therefore testify our allegiance to the Lord Jesus and make ourselves His helpers without reservation.

Key Word: Helpers, vv. 1, 21,

Strong Verses:   22, 38.

Striking Facts: vv. 38-39. When Christ is enthroned in a soul, there is bound to be great joy, and a great feast begins, to last not merely for a few days but throughout eternity.


Contents: David's attempt to bring the ark to Jerusalem. The ark left at the house of Obed-edom.

Characters: God, David, Uzzah, Obed-edom, Abinadab, Ahio.

Conclusion: Beware of presumption, rashness and irreverence in dealing with holy things and think not that a good intention will always justify a rash action. We must not trifle in our approaches to God.

Key Word: Ark. v. 3.

Strong Verses:   14.

Striking Facts: There are preachers who lay hands on the doctrines of God's Word, thinking to save Christianity from overthrow. It is dangerous to put unsanctified hands on the person of Christ, His virgin birth, atonement, resurrection, etc.


Contents: The prosperity of King David. Double defeat of the Philistines.

Characters: God, David, Hiram.

Conclusion: David's frequent inquiry of God should direct us in all our ways to acknowledge Him and in all our perplexities to fly to Him that we might perceive God to go before us.

Key Word: Kingdom exalted, v. 2. Strong Verse: 16.

Striking Facts: v. 17. God has highly exalted our Redeemer, David's greater Son and given Him a name above every name.


Contents: Ark brought to Jerusalem in the appointed way:

Characters: God, David, Zadok, Abiathar, Michael, Uriel, Asaiah, Joel, Shemaiah, Eliel.

Conclusion: It is not enough that we seek God in a due ordinance, but we must seek Him in due order. When those who have suffered for their irregularity learn from God's Word to be obedient in all details, the correction is well bestowed.

Key Word: Ark brought, vv. 15, 25.

Strong Verses:   13, 28.

Striking Facts: v. 26. Those who bear the vessels of the Lord have great need of divine help in their ministrations, that Christ may be glorified in them and the churches edified through them.


Contents: David's festival and psalm of thanksgiving. The ark established in Jerusalem.

Characters: God, David, Zadok, Asaph, Obed-edom, Heman, Jeduthun.

Conclusion: Though God's Word may be clouded and eclipsed for a time, it will at length shine out of obscurity, wherefore let us encourage ourselves to triumph and trust in God and glorify Him continually by our praises.

Key Word: Praise, v. 4.

Strong Verses:   8, 15, 31, 34.

Striking Facts: v. 10. Ceremonial worship was a divine institution containing the types of the mediation of Christ and could not therefore be omitted. So the church should keep up the appointed ordinances in which Christ is remembered, until He comes.


Contents: David's desire to build the temple. The Davidic covenant and David's prayer.

Characters: God, David, Nathan.

Conclusion: Thrice happy is that people whose God is Jehovah, for He will be to them a God all-sufficient (v. 27). Whom He blesses are truly and eternally blessed, therefore let our desires and hopes be for things eternal.

Key Word: Covenant, v. 23.

Strong Verses:   20, 27.

Striking Facts: v. 7. David is here a type of Christ in the flesh, the Shepherd King. At His first coming He took the Shepherd's place. At His return He will take the place of ruler over Israel.


Contents: David's kingdom fully established.

Characters: God, David, Hadarezer, Tou, Hadoram, Abishai, Joab, Jehoshaphat, Benaiah.

Conclusion: Those who take God along with them whithersoever they go may expect to prosper and be preserved whithersoever they go.

Key Word: Judgment and justice, v. 14.

Strong Verses: 6,13.

Striking Facts: All opposing rule will eventually be put down by the Son of David and the most inveterate enemies shall fall before Him, acknowledging that He is Lord to the glory of the Father.


Contents: Ammonite-Syrian war.

Characters: God, David, Joab, Abishai, Hanun, Shophach, Hadarezer.

Conclusion: Those who design ill themselves are apt to be jealous and to suspect ill of others without cause, but the hearts of such are marked for ruin. Right will prevail at last.

Key Word: Misjudged, v. 3.

Strong Verses:   13.

Striking Facts: v. 19. Let those who in vain have stood out against Christ be wise for themselves and agree with Him quickly while they are in the way.


Contents: Joab and David take Rabbah. War with Philistines.

Characters: David, Joab, Sibbechai, Sippai, Jonathan, Elhanan.

Conclusion: The power and pride of great men against us need not terrify us if we have the power and peace of God with us. God takes pleasure in abasing lofty looks and mortifying the giants who array themselves against Christianity.

Key Word: War, v. 4.


Contents: David's sin in numbering the people. Joab's faithful protest. David's choice of punishment.

Characters: God, Satan, David, Joab, Gad, Oman, angel (Jesus).

Conclusion: God does not judge of sin as we do. What appears to man to be but a small offense may be a great sin in the eyes of God who knows men's principles, being a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. His judgments are according to the truth.

Key Word: Sin, v. 8.

Strong Verses:   8, 13.

Striking Facts: v. 18. If we have sinned, the safest thing to do is to flee to Christ, who is an altar and sacrifice, for through Him alone there is hope of winning back the joy of salvation and getting favor with God.


Contents: Material prepared for the temple. David instructs Solomon in God's promises. Princes charged to assist Solomon.

Characters: God, David, Solomon.

Conclusion: Nothing is more powerful to engage us in any service for God than to know that hereunto we were appointed by God. Where God gives rest He expects work (v. 9-10) let us therefore be invigorated for Christian service.

Key Word: Temple, v. 10.

Strong Verses :  13, 19.

Striking Facts: Everything about the temple was to be stately and magnificent, being a type of Christ in whom all fullness dwells and in whom are hid all treasures.


Contents: Number and distribution of the Levites.

Characters: God, David.

Conclusion: There is a place in the service of God for every Christian and God would have each at his own post, for of all men an idle Christian makes the worst figure. No place in God's service is commonplace unless it be made so by an unworthy spirit.

Key Word: Service, v. 4.

Strong Verse: 25.


Contents: The divisions of the priests and Levites for the temple service.

Characters: God, David, Zadok, Ahimelech, Eleazer, Ithamar.

Conclusion: God was, and is still, the God of order, particularly in the things of His worship. Every Christian should therefore pray to know his place in the work of God and should keep to it.

Key Word: Service, vv. 3, 19.

Striking Facts: In the mystical body of Christ every member has its use for the good of the whole. Rom. 12:4-5; 1 Cor. 12:12.


Contents: The offices of the temple singers.

Characters: God, David, Asaph, Jeduthun, Heman.

Conclusion: The glory and honor of God should be extolled in the music of the church whether vocal or instrumental, making melody from the heart as to the Lord. (Eph. 5:19.)

Key Word: Sacred song, v. 6.


Contents: The division of the temple porters. Levites as treasurers. Officers and judges

Characters: God, Shelemiah, Zechariah, Shuppin, Hozah, Obed-edom.

Conclusion: Whatever service God wishes men for, He either finds them fit or makes them so. All service for God is honorable, and happy will be that man who is faithful to his appointed part.

Key Word: Ministry, v. 12.

Striking Facts: The temple treasuries illustrate the plenty there is in our Father's house, enough and to spare. In Christ, the true Temple, are hid all treasures of wisdom and knowledge and riches to supply all the believer's needs.


Contents: The captains for each month. Princes of the twelve tribes. David's several officers.

Characters: God, David, Joab, Jonathan, Jeluel, Ahitophel, Hushai, Jehoiada, Abiathar.

Conclusion: It is the wisdom of rulers in providing for public safety to seek to make it effectual and yet easy and as little as possible burdensome to the people.

Key Word: Officers, v. 1.

Striking Facts: v. 24. A good man cannot, if he stops to reflect, be pleased with that which he knows displeases Christ nor take comfort in that which is obtained through unbelief in God's promises.


Contents: David counsels Israel and Solomon concerning the temple.

Characters: God, David, Holy Spirit (v. 12), Solomon.

Conclusion: As the time apparently draws nigh for God's servants to die, they should put forth every effort to counsel and encourage their successors, calling attention to the patterns God has given in His Word.

Key Word: Counsel, v. 2.

Strong Verses:   8, 9, 20.

Striking Facts: The Gospel temple of Christ, being builded of living stones, is all being framed according to the divine counsels, ordained before the foundation of the world for God's glory. In bringing it to completion we should cling to the plans given in the New Testament.


Contents: David exhorts the people. The princes and people willingly offer, David's thanksgiving and prayer. Solomon made king. David's death.

Characters: God, David, Solomon, Zadok.

Conclusion: Those whose affections are set upon the service of God will think no pains nor cost too much to bestow upon it and God loveth a cheerful giver.

Key Word: Willing offerings, v. 6.

Strong Verses:   9, 11, 12.

Striking Facts: v. 25. Solomon's glorious and peaceful kingdom is a type of the coming kingdom of the Messiah on earth. His will be indeed "the throne of the Lord" (v. 23) for the Father will commit all judgment to Him.