The Summarized Bible - Old Testament

By Keith Leroy Brooks


Key Thought   Number of Chapters   Key Verse   Christ Seen As:
Judgment   3   2:13  

Outpourer of the Spirit.

Writer of the Book:   Date:   Conclusion of the Book
Joel   Either 860-850 B. C. or 400-380 B. C.   Repentance, a heart broken for sin and from sin, is necessary, if the judgments of God are to be averted.


Contents: Joel's warnings of desolation upon Israel, and call to repentance. The plague of insects.

Characters: God, Joel.

Conclusion: Those who will not be aroused out of their security by the Word of God will finally be aroused by His rod, for He has the meanest of His creatures at His command, and if He pleases can humble and mortify a rebellious people by the most contemptible creatures. Even locusts become as lions when armed with a divine commission.

Key Word: Destruction, v. 15.

Strong Verses:   15.

Striking Facts: This prophecy looks for its complete fulfillment to the endtime of the present age (Rev. 14, 16, 19). Joel gives the fullest view of the consummation of all written prophecy concerning Israel's woes and final glory under Christ.


Contents: Day of vengeance upon Israel. Invading hosts and awful scourges. Repentance of the Jewish remnant and Jehovah's response and deliverance.

Characters: God, Holy Spirit, Joel.

Conclusion: There is a great and terrible day of the Lord coming upon the world, to be ushered in with wonders in heaven and earth, blood and fire and pillars of smoke. Woe to those who are not prepared for that day when it comes unawares upon them. Those who are able to pass through it will be given a change of heart through the universal outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and God will reign gloriously in all the universe, restoring to great favor in the earth the remnant of Israel.

Key Word: Day of the Lord, vv. 1, 31.

Strong Verses:   10, 28, 29.

Striking Facts, v. 28. This has a partial and continuous fulfillment during "the last days" (Heb. 1:2), which began with the first advent of Christ (Acts 2:17), but the greater fulfillment awaits the "last days" as applied to Israel, when Christ shall come to be recognized as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.


Contents: Restoration of Israel, and judgment of all nations in regard to Israel. Pull kingdom blessings under Christ.

Characters: God, Joel.

Conclusion: Though God has suffered the enemies of His people (Israel) to prevail very far and for a long time, they will, in the day of decision, be called to account for it. To those who have repented and looked toward God as their salvation, that day will be a joyful day, for the Lord will be the strength of Israel, and all the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of Him thereafter.

Key Word: Day of the Lord, v. 14.

Strong Verses:   14, 16.

Striking Facts: v. 2. All nations that wrong the Jews lay themselves open to God's vengeance, especially those in the last days who persecute the Jews. The coming of Christ will be the day of decision for them. The remnant of Israel will then be cleansed and restored, Jerusalem once more being made a praise in the earth.