The Two Babylons

By Alexander Hislop

Table of Contents

  Title Page
Chapter 1 Section I Distinctive Character of 2 Systems
Chapter 2 Section I Trinity in Unity
  Section II The Mother/Child, Origin of Child
       Sub-Section I The Child in Assyria
       Sub-Section II The Child in Egypt
       Sub-Section III The Child in Greece
       Sub-Section IV The Death of the Child
       Sub-Section V The Deification of the Child
  Section III The Mother of the Child
Chapter 3 Section I Christmas and Lady-day
  Section II Easter
  Section III The Nativity of St. John
  Section IV The Feast of the Assumption
Chapter 4 Section I Baptismal Regeneration
  Section II Justification by Works
  Section III The Sacrifice of the Mass
  Section IV Extreme Unction
  Section V Purgatory/Prayers for Dead
Chapter 5 Section I Idol Procession
  Section II Relic Worship
  Section III The Clothing-Crowning of Images
  Section IV Rosary/Worship of Sacred Heart
  Section V Lamps and Wax-Candles
  Section VI The Sign of the Cross
Chapter 6 Section I The Sovereign Pontiff
  Section II Priests, Monks, and Nuns
Chapter 7 Section I The Great Red Dragon
  Section II The Beast from the Sea
  Section III The Beast from the Earth
  Section IV The Image of the Beast
  Section V The Name/Number of the Beast