The Kuster (Custer) Farm Cemetery

Custer Family Graveyard, located just off the edge of Miller-Picking Rd, right at the top of the hill coming from Foustwell towards Davidsville, In Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co.

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There are 19 stones in the Custer Family Graveyard,
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Barbara (?) Kuster
Wife of John Philip Custer, Jr.
Born About 1765
Died 1837
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John Philip Custer, Jr.
S/O John Phillip Fredrick Custer
Born 1762
Died About 1828
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Frederick Kuster,
S/O John Phillip Fredrick Custer
 Born Jul 07, 1773
 Died Apr 24, 1841
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Elizabeth (Stover) Kuster
wife of Frederick Kuster
Born  Sep 13,1786
Died  Oct  21, 1837
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Headstone for Sam Thomas
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Revolutionary War Plaque for John Philip Custer, Jr.
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William K. Custer
S/O Fredrick A Custer
Born 1820
Died 1825
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Margaret Barbara (Bleistein) Kuster
Wife of John Phillip Fredrick Custer, Sr.
Born About 1735
Died 1815?? Stone says 18 5
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Unidentified Marker
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Last view of the Kuster Cemetery
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Unidentified Marker