Allen Family Line
Allen, Richard Husband of Smith, Elizabeth
Lillie Elizabeth Allen Wife of John Hall
Thelma Martha Hall Wife of Edward Henry Swartzentrover
Melvin Allen Swartzentrover Husband of Ida Grace Custer

The Surname of Allen

Allen Coat of Arms (English)*


Allen Coat of Arms (Irish)*


Allen Coat of Arms (French)*

Allen - English, Irish & Scottish
The name Allen is a Celtic personal name of great antiquity and obscurity. In England the personal name is now usually spelled Alan, the surname Allen; in Scotland the surname is more often Allan. Various suggestions have been put forward regarding its origin; the most plausible is that it originally meant ‘little rock’. Compare Gaelic ailín, diminutive of ail ‘rock’. The present-day frequency of the surname Allen in England and Ireland is partly accounted for by the popularity of the personal name among Breton followers of William the Conqueror, by whom it was imported first to Britain and then to Ireland. St. Alan(us) was a 5th-century bishop of Quimper, who was a cult figure in medieval Brittany. Another St. Al(l)an was a Cornish or Breton saint of the 6th century, to whom a church in Cornwall is dedicated.

Partly taken from:
Dictionary of American Family Names,
Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

* Coat of Arms belonged to families and/or individual persons. People with the Surname of Allen came from England, Germany, the Netherlands & many other places. Allens from a different countries would have a different Coat of Arms.

The Allen family members listed in the U.S. Census for the State of Pennsylvania, Cambria County


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