California Butterfly Checklist

SWALLOWTAILS Family Papilionidae

Pipevine Swallowtail

”Desert” Black Swallowtail

"Baird's” Old World Swallowtail

Anise Swallowtail

India Swallowtail

Giant Swallowtail

Western Tiger

Two-tailed Swallowtail

Pale Swallowtail


Whites Subfamily Pierinae

Pine White

Becker's White

Spring White

Checkered White

Cabbage White

Pearly Marble

"California” Pearly Marble

"Desert” Pearly Marble

Desert Orangetip

Sara Orangetip

"Pacific” Sara Orangetip

"Thoosa” Sara Orangetip

Gray Marble

Sulphurs Subfamily Coliadinae

Clouded Sulphur

Orange Sulphur

Queen Alexandra's Sulphur (Harfords)

California Dogface

Southern Dogface

Cloudless Sulphur

Large Orange Sulphur

Mexican Yellow

Sleepy Orange

Dainty Sulphur


Coppers Subfamily Lycaeninae

Tailed Copper

Great Copper

Gorgon Copper

Blue Copper

Purplish Copper

Hermes Copper

Hairstreaks Subfamily Theclinae

Golden Hairstreak

Great Purple Hairstreak

Silver-banded Hairstreak

Behr's Hairstreak

California Hairstreak

Sylvan Hairstreak

Gold-hunter's Hairstreak

Mountain Mahogany Hairstreak

Hedgerow Hairstreak

Bramble Hairstreak

Sheridan's Hairstreak

Brown Elfin

Desert Elfin

Moss' Elfin

Western Pine Elfin

Thicket Hairstreak

Juniper Hairstreak

"Siva” Juniper Hairstreak

"Nelson'sJuniper Hairstreak

"Loki” Juniper Hairstreak

"Thorne's” Juniper Hairstreak

Gray Hairstreak

Avalon Scrub-Hairstreak

Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak

Leda Ministreak

Blues Subfamily Polyommatinae

Western Pygmy Blue

Marine Blue

Ceraunus Blue

Reakirt's Blue

Western Tailed-Blue

Spring Azure

Sonoran Blue

Square-spotted Blue

”Bernardino” Square‑spotted Blue

El Segundo Blue

Ellis' Square-spotted Blue

Dotted Blue

”Pacific” Dotted Blue

”Mojave Dotted Blue

”Dammer's” Dotted Blue

Rita Blue

Small Blue

Arrowhead Blue

Silvery Blue

Palos Verdes Blued

Melissa Blue

Greenish Blue

San Emigdio Blue

Boisduval's Blue

Acmon Blue

Lupine Blue

Veined Blue

METALMARKS Family Riodinidae

Fatal Metalmark

Wright's Metalmark

Mormon Metalmark

Palmer's Metalmark


Snouts Subfamily Libytheinae

American Snout

Heliconians and Fritillaries Subfamily Heliconiinae

Gulf Fritillary

Variegated Fritillary

Coronis Fritillary

Unsilvered Fritillary

Callippe Fritillary

Great Basin Fritillary

Hydaspe Fritillary

Pacific Fritillary

True Brushfoots Subfamily Nymphalinae

Leanira Checkerspot

California Patch

Bordered Patch

Northern Checkerspot

Sagebrush Checkerspot

Gabb's Checkerspot

Tiny Checkerspot

Phaon Crescent

Pearl Crescent

Mylitta Crescent

Variable Checkerspot

Edith's Checkerspot

Quino Checkcrspot

Satyr Comma

Hoary Comma

California Tortoiseshell

Mourning Cloak

Milbert's Tortoiseshell

American Lady

Painted Lady

West Coast Lady

Red Admiral

Common Buckeye

Tropical Buckeye

Admirals and Relatives Subfamily Limenitidinae


Lorquin's Admiral

California Sister

Satyrs Subfamily Satyrinae

Common Ringlet

Great Basin Wood-Nymph

Monarchs Subfamily Danainae



SKIPPERS Family Hesperiidae

Spread-Wing Skippers Subfamily Pyrginae

Silver-spotted Skipper

Hammock Skipper

Northern Cloudywing

Golden-headed Scallopwing

Arizona powered-Skipper

Sleepy Duskywing

Propertius Duskywing

Mournful Duskywing

Pacuvius Duskywing

Funereal Duskywing

Afranius Duskywing

Two-handed Checkered-Skipper

Laguna Mountain Skipper

Small Checkered-Skipper

Common Checkered-Skipper

White Checkered-Skipper

Erichson's White-Skipper

Northern White-Skipper

Common Sootywing

Mojave Sootywing

Saltbush Sootywing

Grass-Skippers Subfamily Hesperiinae

Julia's Skipper

Orange Skipperling

Fiery Skipper

Alkali Skipper

Juba Skipper

Common Branded Skipper

Pahaska Skipper

Columbian Skipper

Lindsey's Skipper

Carus Skipper

Sandhill Skipper

Sonoran Skipper


Woodland Skipper

Rural Skipper

Umber Skipper

Dun Skipper

Eufala Skipper

Brazilian Skipper

Wandering Skipper

Giant-Skippers Subfamily Megathyminae

Arizona Giant-Skipper

California Giant-Skipper

Mojave Giant-Skipper

Yucca Giant-Skipper