By Willis Fletcher Johnson


Map of the Deluged Conemaugh District
Panoramic View of Johnstown Before the Flood
Johnstown as Left by the Flood
Ruins of Johnstown Viewed from Prospect Hill
General View of the Ruins, Looking up Stony Creek
Ruins, Showing the Path of the Flood
Typical Scene in Johnstown
Johnstown -- View Corner of Main and Clinton Streets
View on Clinton Street, Johnstown
Main and Clinton Streets, Looking Southwest
Ruins, corner of Clinton and Main Streets
Ruins, from Site of the Hulburt House
The Debris above the Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge
Ruins of the Cambria Iron Works
Ruins of the Cambria Iron Company's Store
Third Street, Williamsport, Pa., During the Flood
Wreck of the Iron Bridge at Williamsport, Pa.
Wreck of the Lumber Yards at Williamsport, Pa.
250,000,000 Feet of Logs Afloat in the Susquehanna
Last Trains in and out of Harrisburg
Columbia, Pa., Under the Flood
Pennsylvania Avenue at Sixth Street, Washington, D.C.
Seventh Street, Washington, D.C., in the Flood
Fourteenth Street, Washington, D.C. in the Flood
The Flood in Washington, D.C. Opposite Harris's Theatre
Repairing Damages on the Pennsylvania Railroad
Clearing the Railroad Tracks
The Burned Roman Catholic Church of St. John
Interior of the Roman Catholic Church in Cambria City
Adjutant-General Hastings