Doctrines & Theology

Holiness (Hagiology)

General Information

Four Views of Sanctification

Were The Apostles Regenerated Before Pentecost? by R. R. Byrum

Major Bible Themes - Sanctification I By Lewis Sperry Chafer

Major Bible Themes - Sanctification II By Lewis Sperry Chafer

John Wesley - The Highway of Holiness By Jay Rogers

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Types of Holiness

Positional Sanctification


Progressive Sanctification


Entire Sanctification

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Outward Holiness

General Information

Christian Theology - The Moral Law by Adam Clarke

THE MORAL LAW. - From Theological Institutes by By Richard Watson

MORALS-DUTIES TO OUR NEIGHBOUR.  - From Theological Institutes by By Richard Watson

Drugs & Alcohol

Why I Abstain

Wine in the New Testament

Wine-Drinking in New Testament Times


America's War Dead


Is Homosexuality Genetic?

Homosexuality and the Old Testament

Homosexuality: A Biblical Perspective

Can a Christian be a Homosexual by Ravi Zacharias

Inward Holiness

Entire Sanctification

Is the Doctrine of Entire Sanctification Supported Biblically?

What Does it Mean to be Filled with the Spirit?

Sanctification-Initial and Entire

Does Being Sanctified Mean I Have "Arrived" Spiritually?

How Is Sanctification Different From The Calvinist Doctrine Of Eternal Security?

Entire Sanctification: A Second Work of Grace in the Life of a Believer by Daniel S. Warner

Entire Sanctification: What Is It and Can It Be Obtained In This Life? by Daniel S. Warner

Christian Theology - Entire Sanctification by Adam Clarke

THE DUTIES WE OWE TO GOD.  - From Theological Institutes by By Richard Watson

THE DUTIES WE OWE TO GOD-THE LORD'S DAY.  - From Theological Institutes by By Richard Watson