Is Homosexuality Genetic?

March 19, 2004

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Many homosexuals point to science to support their case. They believe that science proves homosexuality to be genetic. In fact I have been having this very discussion with an individual on Citizen of the State. He says, "Science is showing us more and more evidence everyday that gay people are born gay" -


I honestly believe that saying science supports the genetic theory is just a distorted opinion fabricated by the homosexuals who want to justify their behavior. They claim ‘relevance’ in the name of science so much, lets just take a look at what science is proving:

1. Recent studies show homosexuals have a substantially greater risk of suffering from a psychiatric problems than do heterosexuals. We see higher rates of suicide, depression, bulimia, antisocial personality disorder, and substance abuse. By N.E. Whitehead, Ph.D. (Author of "My Genes Made Me Do It")

2.Homosexual behaviors are fraught with serious mental health and physical consequences--all of which are well documented in scientific literature. One doesn't have to consider homosexuality to be sinful to understand that such behaviors places its participants at risk for mental/physical illnesses - Dr. A. Dean Byrd

3.In 1999, the Medical Institute of Sexual Health reported that, "Homosexual men are at significantly increased risk of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, anal cancer, gonorrhea and gastrointestinal infections as a result of their sexual practices." - Dr. A. Dean Byrd

4.In fact, even gay-activist researchers themselves, who have been desperately seeking a genetic element to homosexuality, have come up empty. Several of these researchers have openly admitted their failure. - Dr. A. Dean Byrd

5. Dr. Dean Hamer (who is a gay-activist) said, "There is not a single master gene that makes people gay. ... I don't think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay."

6. Researcher Dean Hamer, attempted to link male homosexuality to a stretch of DNA located at the tip of the X chromosome. After this study he said, “ The pedigree failed to produce what we originally hoped to find: simple Mendelian inheritance. In fact, we never found a single family in which homosexuality was distributed in the obvious pattern that Mendel observed in his pea plants."

7. Dr. LeVay (who is also a gay-activist) said, "I did not prove that homosexuality is genetic, or find a genetic cause for being gay. I didn't show that gay men are born that way, the most common mistake people make in interpreting my work."

8. Homosexual philosopher Camille Paglia is quite blunt in her assessment of the "born gay" theory: "No one is born gay. The idea is ridiculous ... homosexuality is an adaptation, not an inborn trait. ..."

9. The "genetic and unchangeable" theory has been actively promoted by gay activists and the popular media. Is homosexuality really an inborn and normal variant of human nature? “No. There is no evidence that shows that homosexuality is simply "genetic." And none of the research claims there is. Only the press and certain researchers do, when speaking in sound bites to the public.

10. Here is what serious scientists think about recent genetics-of-behavior research. From Science, 1994: “Time and time again, scientists have claimed that particular genes or chromosomal regions are associated with behavioral traits, only to withdraw their findings when they were not replicated. "Unfortunately," says Yale's [Dr. Joel] Gelernter, "it's hard to come up with many" findings linking specific genes to complex human behaviors that have been replicated. "...All were announced with great fanfare; all were greeted unskeptically in the popular press; all are now in disrepute."

11. Scientific terms are all too often mis-understood and used wrongly. The problem is the media takes a few short sentences from a study and makes a case out of something that never was the case in the first place. “There are only two major principles that need to be carefully understood in order to see through the distortions of the recent research. They are as follows: 1. Heritable does not mean inherited. 2. Genetics research which is truly meaningful will identify, and then focus on, only traits that are directly inherited. Almost every human characteristic is in significant measure heritable. But few human behavioral traits are directly inherited, in the manner of height, for example, or eye color. Inherited means "directly determined by genes," with little or no way of preventing or modifying the trait through a change in the environment. Science has never, ever proved that homosexuality is an Inherited trait, instead a gay activist scientist only claimed that homosexuality may be a heritable gene. The media and homosexuals grab that and run with it saying that homosexuality has been proven as a inherited gene when that is completely untrue, even by scientific findings.

12. Dr. Hamer--himself a gay man--adds that science remains "just as clueless" as ever about the environmental influences on homosexuality. Dr. Hamer's statement is consistent with a position taken by most gay advocates, who flatly deny the existence of evidence that points to certain family and social influences on homosexuality.

13. Published in the Globe: “The gene still has not been found, and interest in--and enthusiasm for--the 'gay gene' research has waned among activists and scientists alike.”

14. When "gay gene" researcher Dr. Dean Hamer was asked if homosexuality was rooted solely in biology, he replied: "Absolutely not. From twin studies, we already know that half or more of the variability in sexual orientation is not inherited. Our studies try to pinpoint the genetic factors...not negate the psychosocial factors."

15. William Byne, a psychiatrist with a doctorate in biology, and Bruce Parsons (1993) carefully analyzed all the major biological studies of homosexuality. They found none that definitively supported a biological theory of causation.

16. “Despite recent neurobiological findings suggesting homosexuality is genetically-biologically determined, credible evidence is lacking for a biological model of homosexuality." --R. Friedman, M.D. and J. Downey, M.D., Journal of Neuropsychiatry, vol. 5, No. 2, Spring l993.

17. "Gay criticism has not addressed the classic family configuration"; it has merely "asserted away the considerable evidence" for the existence of family factors. Studies which attempt to disprove the existence of the classic family pattern in homosexuality are "convincing only to those with a need to believe." --S. Goldberg (1994) When Wish Replaces Thought: Why So Much of What You Believe is False. Buffalo, New York: Prometheus Books.

18. “There is a genetic component to homosexuality, but 'component' is just a loose way of indicating genetic associations and linkages. 'Linkage' and 'association' do not mean 'causation.' There is no evidence that shows that homosexuality is genetic--and none of the research itself claims there is. Only the press and certain researchers do, when speaking in sound bites to the public." --Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., The Journal of Human Sexuality, 1996, p.8.

19. The national organization P-FLAG ("Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays") offers a booklet prepared with the assistance of Dr. Clinton Anderson of the American Psychological Association. Entitled, "Why Ask Why? Addressing the Research on Homosexuality and Biology," the pamphlet says: "To date, no researcher has claimed that genes can determine sexual orientation. At best, researchers believe that there may be a genetic component. No human behavior, let alone sexual behavior, has been connected to genetic markers to date...sexuality, like every other behavior, is undoubtedly influenced by both biological and societal factors."

If you want to point to science as evidence that you were ‘born gay’ you are going to have a very difficult time in doing so. Because science says something completely different than what homosexuals have claimed it to say. So does the Bible. In view of the overwhelming wealth of REAL SCIENTIFIC information by both gay and straight scientists and doctors, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that suggests the idea that homosexuals are born that way.

Here are some statistics on homosexuality:

Extreme promiscuity is found in homosexual circles, even in spite of the fatal consequences of AIDS, for both men and women: The average gay man has over 50 lifetime partners, while as many as 83% reported having over 50 partners in their lifetime. While 83% of heterosexuals are monogamous, only 2% of homosexuals claim to be monogamous. By contrast, average sex partners per year for all adult Americans is 1.16 Even with the rise in heterosexual promiscuity, the average American claims 4 lifetime sexual partners. - Jeffrey Satinover, M.D., “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth,” Hamewith Books: Grand Rapids, MI.

A higher incidence of pedophilia and sexual abuse: Two homosexual researchers found that 73% of male homosexuals had had sex as adults with boys 19 or younger. A Canadian report noted that 91% of non-familial molestations were committed by clear homosexuals. - K. Jay and A. Young, The Gay Report (New York, NY: Summit, 1979), p. 5, p. 275. and W. L. Marshall, "Early Onset and Deviant Sexuality in Child Molesters," Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 6:1991, pp. 323-336.

Due to their use of excretory organs for sex and their high level of promiscuity, homosexuals open themselves up to serious illnesses, some of which are unique to gays (e.g. "gay bowel disease," exotic ailments caught via anal sex). According to Jaffe's 1983 study of 170 male homosexuals found a striking array of diseases:

  • 77% had contracted gonorrhea at some point in their lives;
  • 44% had suffered from syphilis;
  • Nearly 30% had been treated for parasitic diarrhea;
  • Around 90% had used marijuana; over half had used cocaine; and about half had used LSD.
  • 30% of all 20 year old gay men will be HIV positive or dead of AIDS by the time they are age 30. 22
  • The infection rate for infectious hepatitis B is 20-50 times greater for homosexual males than for heterosexual males. It is estimated that 1/2 to 3/4 of homosexual men have or have had this disease.
  • Homosexual men accounted for 13.2% of gonorrhea cases in 1999, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The same study reported a frightening increase in the AIDS among gay men - an increase that statistically resembles the AIDS explosion of the 1980’s. 4.4 percent of gay and bisexual men ages 23-39 are newly infected with HIV each year.
  • Between 25 and 33% of homosexuals are alcoholic (vs. 7-10% for the general population). 25
  • Today homosexual males account for 54% of all reported AIDS cases.26
  • The greatest risk factor for sexual transmission of the disease is receptive anal intercourse, in which the rectum is frequently torn. Even without tears, semen can easily penetrate the rectal wall, enter the blood stream and wreak havoc with the immune system.

Statistics from: 21 cf. Harold W. Jaffe, et. al., "National Case-Control Study of Kaposi's Sarcoma . . . in Homosexual Men . . .," Annals of Internal Medicine, August 1983, vol 99, number 2, pp. 145-151. 22 E.L. Goldman, “Psychological Factors Generate HIV Resurgence in Young Gay Men,” Clinical Psychiatry News, October 1994, p. 5. 23 cf. P. Buchanan and J. Muir, "Gay Times and Diseases, The American Spectator, August 1984, pp. 17-18, and J. Kassler, Gay Men's Health (New York, NY: Harper and Row, 1983), p. 38. 24 “Risks and Remedies,” World, p. 93, June 16, 2001. 25 "Alcoholics Anonymous and Gay American Men," Journal of Homosexuality, vol. 14, no. 2, 1987, p. 254. 26 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report 10(1), June 1998.

There are numerous counseling centers and support groups for homosexuals seeking to become heterosexual. Many are run by former homosexuals who have chosen to provide support and direction to those who know the discontent and emptiness that they once knew. The following organizations are support groups and counseling centers for homosexuals or those who have friends or family that are homosexual. If you are dealing with homosexuality and you need help, please contact one of these organizations for help!

NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals)
16633 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1340.
Encino CA 91436-1801
Phone: (818)-789-4440
Fax: (805)-373-5084

Riverside Assembly
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Phone: (320)-587-2074 #18

Eagles’ Wings
P.O. Box 11246
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: (612)-781-4110
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P.O. Box 22429
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Phone: (763)-592-4700
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Simon Ministries
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KEYS Ministry
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