How to Keep Sanctified

By Charles J. Fowler

Chapter 11


Every enterprise has its organs and varied literature to represent it. We have only to suggest this to have it appreciated. What industry, profession or trade, but has its papers and magazines and periodicals of varied sorts to represent it? The farmer, the mechanic, the physician, and even the saloonist and tobacconist have their current printed matter to represent them, inform their constituency, etc.

How essential is this in the holiness movement; and for two reasons:

(1) A general Church organ cannot be an advocate of a particular Church interest: For instance: A Church paper cannot devote itself to Missions or to Temperance, or to Church Extension, etc., not that this paper does not favor these, for it does, and advocates them, but it cannot devote itself to them because its work is of necessity, general; hence the Church has its organs representing Missions, Church Extension, Educational Work, etc., etc., and the great Temperance movement has its own organs and literature.

(2) A Church paper cannot devote itself to holiness if it would, for reasons that we have cited: and the most of them would not if they could; and this is our second reason why holiness literature is a necessity. If we are to be constant and consistent holiness confessors and advocates, we must have the sympathy and encouragement and information that come through the helps God has providentially provided for us.