How to Keep Sanctified

By Charles J. Fowler

Chapter 7


But a recognition of God and of His goodness will naturally and necessarily take another direction -- it will be as well before men. We call this confession; confessing Him in the audience of the people as public opportunity, or even private, is given. Yes, this is Christian testimony; and yet, we choose to use the language we have brought to the front here -- a recognition of God before men; declaring what God has wrought. Let the language and spirit of the devout soul in its attitude before God in secret, be taken up before the people and God gets glory.

We do not like to present this in the form of duty; is it not rather a great privilege? And yet, duty may mingle with privilege here. For, this about which we are writing is so scarce in the usual gathering even of the people of God, as to be regarded "irregular;" the attitude of the unspiritual, and the accusations of the devil make this so difficult sometimes, that duty may have to come to the front somewhat.

But the absence of this testimony increases the obligation and privilege; for if the holy people are betrayed to hide their light, what will become of the reputation of God? Is He a Saviour from sin in the sense of deliverance and maintenance? Does He keep that committed to his trust? Does he really sanctify and satisfy? If any know this, when alas! the most do not, what becomes of God's reputation, we ask again, if those who do know, fail to recognize this before men?