Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



I. Support of Bishops

     ¶ 267. The salaries of our bishops shall be raised by conference collections; and the Executive Commission shall make the apportionment to the respective conferences and so arrange the time for taking the collections for the same among said conferences that some shall be taken in each quarter of the year.

II. Support of District Elders

     ¶ 268. The district elder shall be supported by the conference or district to which he is appointed, as provided for in Paragraph 208 (17), each circuit contributing its proportion, as agreed upon in the annual or quarterly conference. In case he is elected stationed district elder he shall be supported by the circuit or charge to which he is appointed.

III. Support of Preachers in Charge

     ¶ 269. 1. It shall be the duty of the finance committee appointed by the official board, who shall be members of the church, to make, after consulting with the preacher in charge, an estimate of the amount necessary for the support of the preacher or preachers stationed with them; which estimate shall be subject to the action of the official board.

     2. The finance committee shall report regularly to the official board.

     3. The membership is requested to co-operate heartily with this plan, giving not less than one-tenth of the net annual income for the Lord’s work.

IV. Support of Evangelists

     ¶ 270. Evangelists shall depend upon the fields in which they labor for their support, except in case of general evangelists, whose salaries are provided by appropriations from the Commission on Evangelism and by collections on their fields of labor.