Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



     ¶ 221. 1. Exhorters are a class of laymen licensed by the official board of a circuit or station to conduct religious services of a more or less informal character, and to exercise their gifts in hortatory discourse, or in laboring otherwise to promote revivals and to advance the interests of the kingdom of God. They are expected to be the pastor’s helpers, and hence should make it their special study to qualify themselves for rendering aid in the work of the charge, as also for general efficiency in various departments of Christian work.

     2. No person shall be licensed as an exhorter unless he gives evidence of knowing God experientially, is of good reputation among those by whom he is well known, exhibits the marks of fair intelligence, and shows himself an apt learner in the school of Christ. It is hoped that those who serve God and the church in this relation may grow in knowledge, grace and efficiency, so that the church may feel warranted in calling them into its higher ministries.

     3. Nor shall any person be licensed as an exhorter among us until he shall have been duly recommended by the society of which he is a member, after having lived among them a sufficient time to enable them to know that his religious experience, the spirit he manifests, his general deportment, and his gifts, are such as to commend him to Christian people generally.