Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



     ¶ 220. Evangelists are a class of preachers called of God to preach the gospel, to labor to promote revivals of religion, and to spread abroad the cause of Christ in the land; but not in all cases called to a pastoral charge or to government in the church.

     1. Any brother or sister in good standing in our church, feeling called of God to this work, may, upon recommendation of the society to which he belongs, be licensed by the quarterly conference, after due examination, according to Paragraph 182 of our Discipline, entitled “Examination of Those Who Think They Are Moved by the Holy Ghost to Preach.” Such evangelists shall be members of the quarterly conference, amenable to it, and shall pass an examination in the course of study for local preachers.

     2. Those who labor successfully as evangelists for the period of four years, may, upon recommendation of the quarterly conference, be licensed by the annual conference; and such license shall hold good until revoked by the action of said annual conference.

     3. A woman who has been duly licensed as an evangelist may be received into an annual conference as a traveling preacher under certain conditions, according to Paragraph 166 of the Discipline.

     4. When women evangelists have been licensed by the annual conference, and have served two successive years under appointment as pastors, they may, upon recommendation of the quarterly conference of which they are members, and at the option of the annual conference, have a voice and vote in the annual conference; and in the transaction of conference business they shall be counted with the preachers. This relation shall continue only while they receive appointments as pastors.

     5. The General Conference may elect general evangelists, who shall travel through the country at large, subject to the direction of the general missionary board (except in those cases where the General Conference shall appoint them to special fields), open new fields of labor, organize new societies, and provide and place over them, temporarily, pastors, preparatory to the organization of new conferences where we have none. If they shall form new societies in any of our existing conferences, such societies shall be under the care of the district elder of the adjacent district.

     6. The general evangelist shall have the oversight of other evangelists laboring in immediate connection with him.

     7. Such evangelists shall be amenable to the annual conference to which they belong.

     8. No evangelist shall appoint or hold meetings where they will interfere with the regular work of any preacher duly appointed to a circuit or station, without the consent of the pastor and district elder.

     9. The examination of evangelists may be conducted orally.