Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



     ¶ 209. The duties of a preacher who has the charge of a circuit are: 1. To receive and dismiss members according to the Discipline; provided, however, that no person shall be recorded on the register as “withdrawn at his own request” until such action is approved by the official board.

     2. To see that the other preachers in his circuit behave well, and need nothing.

     3. To examine each of the leaders concerning his method of leading his class, observe which leaders are the most useful and have these meet the other classes as often as possible, and see that all the leaders are persons not only of sound judgment, but truly devoted to God. See also Paragraph 225(4).

     4. To hold watch-night services and love-feasts, and to see that the sacrament is administered at least once in three months.

     5. To take care that every society is duly supplied with books.

     6. To take an exact account of all members in the societies of their respective circuits, keeping the names of all local elders, deacons and preachers properly distinguished, and deliver such account to the annual conference, that their number may be printed in the minutes.

     7. To give an account of his circuit every quarter to the quarterly conference.

     8. To report to the society at least once a quarter the names of those who have been received into the church, or excluded therefrom during the quarter also the names of those who have been received c dismissed by certificate, and those who have died withdrawn from the church.

     9. To make a regular catalogue of the societies i towns and cities, giving the residence of each member by street and number.

     10. To leave his successor a particular account the circuit, including an account of the subscribe for our periodicals.

     11. To enforce vigorously, but calmly, all the rule of the society.

     12. As soon as there are four believers in an place to put them into a class.

     13. To meet the societies and classes; to form class for probationers, wherever practicable, which shall meet at least once a month during the period of their probation for instruction in the Catechism Discipline, and history of the Free Methodist Church and such encouragement as will help probationers t go on into a definite experience of entire sanctification; to visit the sick; to visit ail members and probationers on his circuit, at least once in three months and all members of his congregation whenever practicable; to preach out of doors wherever an attentive congregation can be found; to raise money for the purchase of tracts and attend to their distribution upon his circuit; to see that all the collections ordered by the conference are raised in full.

     All members shall make their contributions toward the conference claims to the circuit from which they were last reported to an annual conference.

     14. To warn ail from time to time, that none an to remove from one circuit to another without a certificate from the preacher in charge.

     15. To recommend everywhere decency and cleanliness.

     16. To read the rules of the society, with •the aid of the other preachers, once a year in every congregation, and once a quarter in every society.

     17. To see that the trustees are duly elected according to the law of the state; and that the real estate belonging to the church is duly secured according to law.

     18. To see that no steps be taken involving the circuit in financial liability, without the consent of the official board.

     19. To warn the people of the evil consequences to themselves and the Church of God, of covetousness and withholding of their means from supporting the gospel, and to urge upon all systematic and proportionate giving, and to preach upon the same, encouraging our people to tithe their incomes.

     20. To see that a fast be held in every society in his circuit, on the Friday preceding every quarterly meeting.

     21. To execute all the rules fully and strenuously against all frauds, and particularly against dishonest insolvencies, secret societies, labor and capitalistic organizations, contravening Paragraph 73, suffering none to remain in our church, on any account, who are found guilty thereof.

     22. Preachers in charge of circuits who are not members of a conference shall not employ evangelists who are not members of our church, without first consulting with and securing the consent of the district elder in charge and of the official board.

     23. For further duties of preachers see Paragraphs 534 and 535.

     ¶ 210. During the sittings of the conferences all appointments should stand according to the plan of the circuit. Engage as many local preachers and exhorters as will supply them; and pay them for their time in proportion to the allowances of the traveling preachers. If preachers and exhorters cannot attend, let some person of ability be appointed in every society to sing, pray and read one of Mr. Wesley’s sermons. But if that cannot be done, let there be prayer meetings.