Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



     ¶ 180. 1. The society meeting shall be composed of all the members of the church in full relation, composing a single society.

     2. The preacher in charge shall be chairman of the society meeting, and a record of its proceedings shall be kept by a secretary elected for that purpose.

     3. It shall be the duty of the society meeting to recommend suitable persons for exhorters’ and evangelists’ licenses, for deaconess’ license and for band workers; to elect the number of stewards directed by the annual circuit meeting; elect Sunday-school superintendents; to select persons to act as a committee in case of the trial of members; decide the propriety of incorporating; elect trustees subject in all cases to the statutes of the state, territory or country in which the society is located; to elect a local superintendent of the Young People’s Missionary Society. The local Y. P. M. S., if already organized, may nominate.* 

     4. The preacher in charge of a circuit, or in his absence or refusal to do it, a majority of the official board may call a meeting of the society, whenever in their judgment the interests of the church require it.

Order of Business for Society Meeting

     ¶ 181. 1. Devotional exercises.

     2. Calling of the roll.

     3. Election of a secretary.

     4. Recommendations: (1) For exhorter’s license (to the official board). (No person should be licensed to exhort without a recommendation from the society of which he is a member.) (2) For evangelist’s license (to the district quarterly conference). (3) For deaconess’ license (to the district quarterly conference).

     (4) For band worker’s license (to the district quarterly conference).

     5. Election of tellers.

     6. (1). Election of a treasurer. (2) Election of an auditor. (To audit accounts of church treasurer, Sun day-school treasurer, Y. P. M. S. treasurer and other funds.)

     7. Election of Sunday-school board.

     8. Election of stewards (the number fixed by the circuit meeting).

     9. Election of Sunday-school superintendent. (The preacher in charge may nominate. See Paragraph 127.)

     10. Elect local superintendent of Y. P. M. S.

     11. Elect trial committee (if necessary).

     12. Decide whether to incorporate (if necessary).

     13. Annual report of workers.

     14. Elect trustees (if the state law allows).

     15. Miscellaneous business.

     16. Approval of minutes.

     17. Adjournment.

     Each class elects its own class leader. The preacher in charge may nominate. See Paragraph 225 (1). At this meeting the preacher in charge cannot vote.

     This order of business is suggestive but not mandatory.


1 Members under 16 years of age are not eligible to vote. (See Par. 79, See. 6.)