Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



     ¶ 178. 1. Every circuit shall have, within three months prior to the session of the annual conference to which it belongs, an annual circuit meeting, of which the preacher in charge shall be chairman, but cannot vote, and the secretary of the official board shall be secretary. Such circuit meeting shall be announced in each society at least ten days before said meeting shall be held.

     2. At this meeting the members of the church in full relation on the circuit shall elect, by ballot, one or more of their number to represent them in the annual conference according to the provisions of Para graph 152. No person on trial in an annual conference shall be eligible to election as a delegate. 1

     3. The annual circuit meeting shall decide the number of stewards to be elected upon the circuit and also the number to be elected by each society. Where there is but one society, stewards, Sunday-school superintendents and trustees (when not in conflict with the charter or the laws of the state) may be elected by the annual circuit meeting. Any vacancy that may occur shall be filled by the society in which such vacancy occurs.

     4. At this meeting there shall be a full report presented by the trustees of the church property.

     5. The preacher in charge of a circuit, or in his absence or refusal to do it, a majority of the official board, may call a meeting of the circuit, whenever in their judgment the interests of the church require it.

     6. It is improper for the society to take a vote as to the return of their pastor.

Order of Business for Circuit Meeting

     ¶ 179. 1. Devotional exercises.

     (Secretary of the official board acts as secretary.)

     2. Calling of the roll.

     3. Report of treasurer of official board, Paragraph 176(3).

     4. Election of tellers.

     5. Election of a delegate to the annual conference.

     6. Election of a reserve delegate.

     7. Decide the number of stewards for each society on the circuit.

     8. Receive the report of the trustees.

     9. Miscellaneous business.

     10. Approval of the minutes.

     11. Adjournment.

     This order is suggestive but not mandatory.


1 Members under 16 years of age not eligible to vote. (See Par. 79, Sec. 6.)