Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition



     ¶ 150. 1. There shall be a Canadian Executive Board to be elected by the Canadian conferences on the following basis, namely, at the session ensuing next after this General Conference, and, once each four years thereafter, each annual conference shall elect one elder and one lay member to represent the conference on said board, provided that when a conference shall reach an aggregate of one thousand full members said conference shall be entitled to one additional ministerial representative and one additional lay representative.

     For method of election, see Dominion Act of Incorporation, Schedule A, page 8.

     2. The Canadian Executive Board shall be permitted to retain and to administer all apportioned claims ordered by the General Conference except bishops’ salaries and the delegates’ expenses and entertainment fund connected with the General Conference.

     3. The Free Methodist Church in the United States shall assume payment for all claimants now receiving appropriations from the superannuate fund in the East Ontario, West Ontario and Saskatchewan Conferences, and they shall also assume and pay the claims far the first two preachers who may hereafter be made claimants by either of the conferences above mentioned, and the Canadian Executive Board shall assume the responsibility for all claimants thereafter. The legislation in this section dates from the General Conference of 1923.

     4. Preachers who may from this date transfer from either the East Ontario, the West Ontario or Saskatchewan Conferences to any of the conferences in the United States, or vice versa, shall when they become claimants receive their apportionments from the claimants’ fund of the respective treasuries according to the years of service in each country.

     5. The Canadian Executive Board shall receive annually according to the business furnished from within the bounds of the East Ontario, West Ontario and Saskatchewan Conferences, an appropriate amount of the profits accruing from the business of the Free Methodist Publishing House.

     6. The Canadian Executive Board shall relinquish any further claim on the funds raised in the United States for conference claimants, general missions, church extension, permanent fund and church and parsonage aid.

     7. The East Ontario, West Ontario and Saskatchewan Conferences shall be permitted to retain all moneys raised within the bounds of these respective conferences for educational purposes, and for the special stewardship fund, to be administered as each conference shall direct.

     8. The Alberta Conference, by vote of said conference, is not subject to the provisions of any of the above, except Nos. 1 and 2.