Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition





     To promote the spiritual welfare of Intermediate Youth and to provide Christian direction for their legitimate activities there shall he an organization known as the Christian Youth Crusaders of the Free Methodist Church of North America.


     1. To lead boys and girls of the intermediate age into a genuine experience of salvation from sin, to promote their spiritual welfare, and to acquaint them with the history, teachings and activities of the Free Methodist Church.

     2. To provide a wholesome outlet for some of the characteristic adolescent interests and to provide Christian direction for their week-day activities.

     3. To provide opportunities where those who are or become Christians shall receive training and experience in winning others to Christ.


     1. Members shall be boys or girls of twelve to fourteen years of age, inclusive, who desire to unite

     for activities, instruction and worship under the direction of the C. Y. C. The age limit may be extended one year in either direction at the discretion of the director and advisor to meet local conditions.

     2. A certificate of membership shall be given to each member, and, unless revoked, shall constitute a certificate of good standing to another local organization of the C. Y. C. or for admission into the Y. P. M. S.

     3. Anyone within the proper age limit may belong to the C. Y. C. and the Y. P. M. S. at the same time.

     4. Should the conduct of a member become such as to be out of harmony with the principles of the C. Y. C. that member shall be interviewed by the director and the advisor. Failure to respond to the advice and help given shall bring revocation of the certificate of membership and the name of the member shall be placed automatically on the group’s prayer list. Should the member’s conduct improve, he or she may be reinstated.


     1. The general interests of the C. Y. C. shall be under the direction of the Commission on Christian Education, and promotional activities connected there with shall be carried on by the general Sunday-school secretary.

     2. Each annual conference shall elect a director of the C. Y. C. who shall labor under the direction of the board. The board may nominate.

     8. Wherever practicable each local church at a society meeting shall elect a C. Y. C. director for boys and one for girls. Directors must be members of the Free Methodist Church and regular attendants of the Sunday school and church. They shall work under the direction of the Sunday-school board and in co operation with the pastor.

     4. It shall be the duty of the pastor to act as advisor to the groups in the church or churches under his charge.

     5. It shall be the duty of the director and the advisor in conjunction with the official board to arrange for special evangelistic services for the purpose of bringing the intermediate youth into definite experiences of salvation from sin.

     6. It shall be the duty of the director to receive and disburse funds and to have charge of materials. He shall report regularly to the Sunday-school board.


     1. The officers of the local organization shall consist of a president, a vice-president and a secretary.

     2. Officers must be members and regular attendants of the Sunday school and shall be elected by ballot from nominations either made or approved by the director and advisor.


     1. C. Y. C. groups shell have three types of meetings: the Sunday-school class, a Sunday afternoon meeting and a week-day or week-night meeting, all of which each member is expected to attend. No meeting shall be arranged at any tithe so as to interfere with the attendance of members at any of the regular meetings of the church.

     a. The Sunday-school class need not be changed in any way except that the director wherever possible should be the teacher of the class.

     b. The Sunday afternoon meeting may be devoted to prayer, visiting the sick or any other appropriate Sunday service project, or to study or discussion under the guidance of the director. It is recommended that one of these services each month be devoted to missions.

     c. The week-day or week-night meetings may be devoted to health and first-aid instruction, hobby projects or service projects.

     2. No methods shall be used nor activities engaged in which are not in harmony with the spirit and letter of the Free Methodist Discipline.


     A fund created by voluntary contributions from the members and from other sources, shall be known as the “Activities Fund.” The tithe of this fund shall be sent to the conference Sunday-school board to be used exclusively for childhood and youth evangelism. The balance shall be kept by the local group for its own use.


     A catalogue of printed matter and other materials to assist the organizations in all phases of their work shall be provided by the Commission on Christian Education, subject to the approval of the Committee on Curriculum.