Doctrines and Discipline of the Free Methodist Church of North America - 1939 Edition




     ¶ 382. 1. There shall be a Committee on Curriculum to represent and serve all the agencies of the church which may desire to designate or develop for publication books, pamphlets, papers, lessons or study material for use in the church or any of its agencies.

     2. The Committee on Curriculum shall be com posed of a central board of conference examiners of five members, and a representative each of the Y. P. M. S., the Department of Sunday Schools, the Department of Sunday-school Publications, the Department of Service Training, the Publishing House, and the Association of Free Methodist Colleges. The bishop in charge of the Commission on Christian Education shall be chairman ex officio of the Committee on Curriculum. The members of the Central Board of Conference Examiners and all other members of the Committee on Curriculum shall be appointed by the Executive Commission.

     3. The Committee on Curriculum is authorized, by the formation of appropriate sub-committees if necessary for efficiency, to initiate and approve material for use in service training courses, to authorize the development of new Sunday-school materials when needed, to approve the selection of materials for Y. P. M. S., Sunday schools, vacation Bible schools, camp meetings, child evangelism, and similar uses, when these are to receive general recommendation.

     4. The Central Board of Conference Examiners shall have as its duties:

     a. To formulate rules and prepare questions for examinations in the preachers’ course of study, and during the interim of the General Conference sessions shall have power to settle all questions concerning the same, which are not already settled by action of the General Conference or rulings of the bishops;

     b. To answer all questions concerning the course of study, through its secretary, whose name and ad dress shall be published in the “Combined Minutes” for that purpose.

     c. To make changes which become necessary in the preachers’ course of study.