Christian Nurture

By Horace Bushnell

Table of Contents


Title Page

Publishers’ Preface.


Part I. The Doctrine.

Chapter I. What Christian Nurture Is.

Chapter II. What Christian Nurture Is.

Chapter III. The Ostrich Nurture.

Chapter IV. The Organic Unity of the Family.

Chapter V. Infant Baptism. How Developed.

Chapter VI. Apostolic Authority of Infant Baptism.

Chapter VII. Church Membership of Children.

Chapter VIII. The Out-Populating Power of the Christian Stock.

Part II. The Mode.

Chapter I. When and Where the Nurture Begins.

Chapter II. Parental Qualifications.

Chapter III. Physical Nurture, to Be a Means of Grace.

Chapter IV. The Treatment that Discourages Piety.

Chapter V. Family Government.

Chapter VI. Plays and Pastimes, Holidays and Sundays.

Chapter VII. The Christian Teaching of Children.

Chapter VIII. Family Prayers.