Christian Nurture

By Horace Bushnell

Publishers Preface


There has hitherto been no uniform edition of Dr. Bushnell's works. Appearing at wide distances of time, they have taken such shape as suited the occasion; and it has for some time seemed very desirable that they should be brought together in a more permanent and serviceable form. It was Dr. Bushnell's own wish that this should be done; and he has largely revised his books in preparation for this end. It is only to be regretted that it was not reached during his lifetime and under his supervision; but his failing health compelled him to relinquish the task, which his death has left to other hands to complete.

In the present volume we offer to his readers the first of the proposed uniform edition, in which most of his works will be included. The other volumes will follow this as rapidly as possible, not in the original order of their publication, but rather in that of their relative importance to the public; and it is hoped that the edition, when finished, may prove so compact and attractive in form, as to fulfill the design so long entertained, and satisfy the expectation that has awaited it.