Manners and Customs of Bible Lands

By Fred H. Wight

Table of Contents

  Title Page
Chapter 1 Tent Dwellings
Chapter 2 Houses of One Room
Chapter 3 Houses of More Than One Room
Chapter 4 Foods and Their Preparation
Chapter 5 Customs at Mealtime
Chapter 6 Special Suppers and Banquets
Chapter 7 The Sacred Duty of Hospitality
Chapter 8 Daily Program of Activities
Chapter 9 Dress and Ornamentation
Chapter 10 Parental Position in the Home
Chapter 11 Birth and Care of Children
Chapter 12 Education of Youth
Chapter 13 Religion in the Home
Chapter 14 Marriage Customs
Chapter 15 Special Events of Domestic Festivity
Chapter 16 Sickness in Bible Lands
Chapter 17 Death in Oriental Lands
Chapter 18 Shepherd Life: The Care of Sheep
Chapter 19 Growing and Harvesting Grain
Chapter 20 Care of Vineyards
Chapter 21 Olive and Fig Tree Culture
Chapter 22 Trades and Professions
Chapter 23 Vocal and Instrumental Music
Chapter 24 The Oriental Town or City
Chapter 25 Customs Regarding Property
Chapter 26 Domestic Animals
Chapter 27 Traveling on Land and Sea
Chapter 28 Palestine Water Supply
Chapter 29 Raids and Blood Avenging
Chapter 30 Slavery in Bible Times
Chapter 31 Greek and Roman Sports