The Babylonian Talmud

By Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson

Book 6 - Volume 12

Baba Metzia (Middle Gate), Part II

Table of Contents1

  Title Page
  Explanatory Remarks
  Synopsis of Subjects of Tract Baba Metzia (Middle Gate)
Chapter 5 Rules and Regulations Concerning Usury, Imprisonment, Renting Houses, Instalments, Loans for Half Profit, Appraising, Etc.
Chapter 6 Regulations Concerning Hiring Laborers, Cattle, or Transferring Goods, the Responsibilities of the Drivers, Etc.
Chapter 7 Regulations Concerning the Time a Laborer has to Work, What He May or May Not Consume of the Article He Is Working, And About Muzzling an Ox While Laboring
Chapter 8 Rules and Regulations Concerning the Sale and Hiring of Animals, the Exchange of Them, the Sale and Leasing of Real Estate
Chapter 9 Rules and Regulations Concerning the Hiring of Fields, Payment Out of Their Products or in Money, the Neglect of the Hirer. What He May or May Not Sow in Them
Chapter 10 Rules Concerning Houses, Gardens, and Other Real Estate Owned in Partnership, and What May or May Not be Done in Public Thoroughfares


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