The Babylonian Talmud

By Translated by Michael L. Rodkinson

Book 6 - Volume 11

Tract Baba Kama (First Gate, part II)

Table of Contents

  Title Page
  Explanatory Remarks
  Synopsis of Subjects of Tract Baba Kama (The First Gate)
Chapter 9 The Laws Relating to the Change of the Name and Nature of Stolen Articles, and When an Article Becomes Useless. About Skilful Mechanics Who Spoil Work Intrusted to them, and as to the Place to Which a Stolen Article must be returned
Chapter 10 Regulations Regarding Robbed Articles Which Remain after the Death of the Robber.--If One Recognizes His Stolen Articles at the Premises of Some One.--Regarding Robbed Estates, Afterwards the Government Took it Away, Etc.