Commentary of the Old and New Testaments


By Joseph Benson


This book together with the Judges treats the life of Israel from the rule of death of Joshua to the rule of Eli.

Name. From the principal character.

Contents. It is properly a continuation of Judges, showing the life of the times in its greatest simplicity. It is also especially important because it shows the lineage of David through the whole history of Israel and thereby is a link in the genealogy of Christ.

Typical Matters. (1) Ruth is a type of Christ's Gentile bride and her experience is similar to that of any devout Christian. (2) Boaz the rich Bethlehemite accepting this strange woman in an illustration of the redemptive work of Jesus.

The Key-words are love and faith.


  1. The Sojourn at Moab, 1:1-5.
  2. The Return to Jerusalem, 1:6-22.
  3. Ruth and Boaz, Chs. 2-4.
    1. Gleaning the fields of Boaz, Ch. 2.
    2. Ruth married to Boaz, Chs. 3-4.
      1. A bold act, Ch. 3.
      2. Redemption of Naomi's inheritance, 4:1-12.
      3. Becomes wife of Boaz, 4:13-17.
      4. Genealogy of David, 4:18-22.

Some one has said that Ch. 1 is Ruth deciding, Ch. 2 is Ruth serving, Ch. 3 is Ruth resting, Ch. 4 is Ruth rewarded.

For Study and Discussion. (1) Each of the characters of the book. (2) The whole story of Ruth in comparison with the stories of Judges (Chs. 17-21) to get a view of the best and worst in their social conditions. (3) The value of a trusting soul (Ruth).