Studies on the Old Testament

By Frédéric Louis Godet

Translator's Preface


The first suggestion of this translation was given by the Literary Churchman, which reviewed the book very favourably, and strongly recommended it for translation.

The subjects of the Essays are not uncommon; but their treatment by a foreign author, of M. Godet's high reputation for learning and originality, will, it is thought, give them some special interest for English readers. At the same time, there is nothing in them which could offend any one in respect of orthodoxy.

I have not thought it well to put my own name to the translation; for I know how unable I should have been to carry it through without much help, which has been given me by my husband, who has kindly revised the whole, and made many alterations.

I have only to add my regret that I did not see the second edition of the Études Bibliques until two of the Essays had been translated. The one on Angels, and that on the Six Bays of Creation, are therefore translated from the first edition; but there do not seem to be any changes of importance made by M. Godet.

E. L.

Hagley Rectory.

December, 1874.